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Pethealth Insurance is the leading provider of pet insurance in North America.

It is the second largest in the United States and the largest provider in Canada.

The Pet Health Insurance corporation insures pets under the insurance names, including 24petwatch, Pet protect, Shelter Care 

Pet Health Care Insurance is a publicly traded company and trades on the TSX as PTZ for about $1.35.

Pet Health Care Insurance is pretty large corporation! Presently 200 500 dogs or cats are insured by a Pethealth insurance program. So far, they have paid out $125 million in vet fees!

Pethealth is also one of the largest seller of microchips in the States largest and the largest in Canada. Since 2003, they have registered 3.5 million pets with 24petwatch microchip identification.

Pethealth Insurance serves all 10 provinces, 49 states, and even have plans for the UK!

Below are links to pages I’ve written on PetHealth companies: 

Cherry Blue pet insurance (Canada) 

Ontario SPCA pet insurance (Canada) 

Pet Care Insurance (Canada)

Shelter Care (USA)– over 2.8 million pets insured so far!

Companion (USA)

USA pet-health network (Texas only)

24petwatch (USA)– also offer microchip identification

Petprotect- (UK)- pet insurance company that started in 1983, and was bought by pethealth in 2008.

Other programs that they offer are:

o 24petwatch(USA)– microchip identification, so far 3.5 million cats and dogs have been registered.
o Petango- help pets to find a way to a new home and family
o Pet point- computer menu program for animal shelters, animal control facilities to manage pets in their care(used in over 1500 shelters or rescue groups).
o Dog eared- ear cleaning system for dogs to wash away ear wax and prevent ear infections.
o EVE- a program that allows the vet to be paid directly the pet insurance so you can claim at the vets. So far over 500 vet clinics operate under this system. Most of their pet insurance companies offer this service.


Check out other American Pet Insurance Companies:

24petwatch– another Pethealth corporation company!

AKC Pet Insurance– Offer Coverage in all 50 States!

ASPCA Pet Health Insurance– 10% of your purchase goes towards helping shelter animals.

Banfield Pet Insurance– Cheaper routine coverage spread out throughout the year to keep your regular vet prices low.

Companion Insurance– 2 plans to choose from.

Embrace Pet Insurance – Very customizable plan! so you can adjust your plan based on deductible or monthly payment to fit your budget.

Healthy Paws Pet Insurance – More customizable plans created by people who love animals.

Pet Assure– pet insurance alternative so you ALWAYS have lower vet bills and your pet will even be covered with pre-existing conditions.

Pet Care Pet Insurance– HUGE assortment of plans to choose from.

Pet First insurance– same price policies for any breed of pet.

Pet Plan insurance – Excellent plans with upto 100% coverage!

Petsafe – Unlimited coverage at reasonable prices.

Pets Best Insurance – Travel to anywhere in the world with your pet and you’ll be covered! Or if you have a pregnant dog, this might be for you!

Quick Care – 5 plans, with one especially for Tenants!

Shelter Care – Great prices and excellent customer service.

Trupanion – one plan so it’s easy, you just have to pick the perfect deductible for you.

VPI pet insurance– Originally created by Veterinarians, now covers your pet globally and will also cover Exotic pets and birds!

Pet Insurance Terminology – all the complicated terminology explained simply and easily.


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