Cheapest Pet Insurance

Cheapest Pet Insurance

Find the plan with Best Value for Money.

Cheapest Pet Insurance: You’ve come to the right place to find the Cheap Pet Insurance!


I will tell you what Pet health insurance Companies have low monthly premiums.
And what pet insurance is The Best Value for Money.


You may also be interested in the company with the lowest
-Deductible or
-lowest Co-payment.

Keep in mind that the cheapest isn’t always the best. You pay for what you get in life, so make sure that you fully review the plan to make sure that it fully fits your needs.

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Canada- on THIS page, keep reading below for the Cheapest Pet Insurance in Canada

Cheapest Pet Insurance

The Cheapest Pet Insurance in Canada:

Remember the cheapest pet insurance, is not always the best pet insurance.  Just like the cheapest car or house isn’t the best, it may have holes in the coverage where your pet isn’t covered.  I’ve included the rating by beside so that you know the happiness of their customers.


Generally speaking, the deductible increases with the age of the pet. It can be either annual or per incident.

9/10 • Trupanion – You choose the deductible, anywhere from $0-1000/incident.  Overall they have some of the happiest customers.

Don’t take my word for it, check out Trupanion for yourself and even get a free Quote for your pet

5.3/10 •  Low monthly payments PC pet Insurance Cheaper monthly payments overall. Has Low monthly premiums with a decent coverage and reasonable deductible. However, the deductible increases as your pet ages.

4.7/10 • Purina has a Lower deductible from 100-350/yr.
Protect and Preferred plan: Pet Under 5yrs= 100/yr, Pet over 5 yrs= $200/yr
Premium plan: Pet under 3 years=$150, Pet age 3-6= $250, Pet over 6= $350/yr

?/10 •  Ontario SPCA Pet Insurance has a low deductible, from 0-$300/yr, however their co-payment ALSO increases with the pets age. Deductible depends on pets age at treatment: $0 for pets less than 2 years, $100 for pets 2-5 yrs, $200 pets 5-10 yrs, $300 pets older than 10.

Lowest Co-payment can be found with:

4.7/ 10 Pet Care Insurance – a couple of their MANY plans offer 0% co-payment.

Generally speaking the co-payment is around 0-30% with 20% being average. If the co-payment is lower (meaning you pay a lower percent of the total bill), you often pay more for a deductible or monthly premium. 0% copayment means that you pay 0% of the bill (besides any deductible that exists).

Not “ cheapest pet insurance ” but still decent Canadian companies:

7.5/ 10 Pet Secure – although their plans may not be the cheapest, they make happy customers and have upto unlimited coverage.

4.7/10 Pet Care Insurance– has a multitude of different plans, with some that cover tenant damage to different plans for cats and dogs.

?/ 10 Cherry Blue Pet Insurance– offers a single lifetime amount, so that, when you need a large amount of money for one major incident, you will be covered that year. Other years when you do not need much or any coverage, you won’t be paying for a huge coverage plan.

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Check out the Canadian Pet Insurance Companies individually for more information:

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