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Understanding Pet Health Insurance Quotes

Pet Insurance Quote

Listed below are some factors that determine how insurance companies get your individual insurance quote :

Also another word that the companies use for Quote is Premium. On this site, I also call it ‘the monthly amount’ or Quote.

Coverage you will get- from a few 1000 to 10 000 per year or per condition depending on the plan you choose. Generally speaking, ‘per year’ plans cost more than ‘per condition’ plans as they renew every year, so the Pet Health Insurance Quotes are more when comparing.

Age of pet- the older your pet, the higher your quote will be. Many companies will on begin insuring a pet if it is under a certain age (as young as 6 or younger)

Breed of Pet- breeds that are more susceptible to diseases may have limited coverage, or more expensive premiums (monthly price/ pet health insurance quotes), an example is a shar pei, or great dane.

Dispositions of your breed and age- at certain ages, different breeds may become more susceptible to certain afflictions. For example, pure bred German Shepherds when they hit a certain age may be more likely to get hip dysplasia. At this age, the premium may increase more if you have insured a German Shepherd.

Where you live- Veterinarian fees change depending where you live, and so the monthly price is often affected by your postal code or zip code. For example, larger cities such as New York, London or Toronto may have higher vet fees and so this is reflected in the Pet Insurance quote they give you.

Price of Veterinarian fees in your area –This is why the company takes your postal code or zip code when you get a Pet Insurance quote.

Previous Claims- Some companies may penalize you if you make too many claims and charge you more the following year if you made a lot of claims the year before. Some companies will not punish you if your dog is sick and you need to take them to the vet more.

Inflation- As inflation increases, so do the monthly premiums.

Local taxes or fees- If the country imposes a new tax or fee such as the VAT changes or governmental taxes increase, you will end up paying more for your pet insurance quote.

Of course, I don’t know the magic ‘insurance quote solution’. There are other factors as well of course!

On this site, you will find comparison tables with all the companies, divided by country and their coverage as well as the pet heath insurance quotes, so that you can compare the ranges of prices and the coverage you can get.

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