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Check out different Canadian companies based on unbiased pet insurance ratings on petinsurancereview, made by pet owners just like you!   If you want USA Ratings, here’s a page for you too!

Personally, I feel that if a lot of people rate a company well, then it’s a very good sign.  It seems that most companies with a rating over 8 is decent… But, I’ll put all the pet insurance companies and their ratings here.  Plus, I’ll even make it easier with a table of all the companies and links directly to each company’s page so you can get a quote!


The ratings on this page are from best to worst for 2013.  This page is updated as needed as some companies appear out of no-where at the top, and others fall out of ranking.


Check out the Canada pet insurance companies based on their Insurance Review Ratings.


Top Two Pet Insurance Companies,
by rating in Canada:


9.0 / 10  Trupanion

Trupanion started as a Canadian Pet insurance company that has done so well, that it’s started selling policies in the USA! They offer unlimited coverage with a sliding deductible (that you choose) from 0 to $1000, so that you can fully customize your plan.  All plans have 90% coverage, with no maximum.

Don’t take my word for it, check out Trupanion for yourself and even get a free Quote for your pet

9.1 / 10  Pet Plan

Pet Plan is an American Company that offers 3 plans with coverage for $8 000, $12 000 or $20 000 per year.  It is not available in all provinces as of writing this page.  The 9.1 rating is the company rating for the USA (and Canada as it becomes available).

Visit Pet Plan site


Table of All the Canadian pet insurance ratings …from Best to Worst.

Average (weighted): 60 day rating 1 year rating Lifetime rating Company Get a quote for company Our Overview page
9.13 9.0 8.9 9.2 Pet Plan
8.99 8.9 9.2 8.9 Trupanion Trupanion Site
7.82 3.0 7.3 7.9 Pet First Healthcare
Average 7.5 Pet Secure
Average 7.3 HBC Pet Insurance
Average 5.3 PC Financial
Average 4.7 Pet Care
Average 4.7 Purina Care Canada



Check out the Canadian company with unlimited coverage, and plans for all provinces.


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