Pet Pregnancy Insurance

I have had several pet owners write to me inquiring about who offers pet pregnancy insurance option.

In my research, I have found that most companies do not offer coverage for pregnancy.

This page will help you find a pet insurance company that does cover pregnancy, if this is your main concern. When looking around this site, you will find that each company page has a pregnancy section on their chart aswell.

If your pet is already pregnant, then it is unlikely that pregnancy will be covered as it will probably be considered ‘pre-existing’. NO pet insurance company offers coverage for pre-existing conditions.

If your pet is only going to get pregnant once, and you want the insurance to cover for the lifetime of the pet, make sure you look at other companies as well, as they may have a plan that better suits your needs.

With all this in mind, I have found that some companies in the USA that cover pregnancy, they are:
Pets best insurance

The companies in Canada that I have found that cover pregnancy are:
PC Insurance 
Pet Secure

However, for both Canadian companies, there is limited coverage for pregnancies. Some companies do not cover emergency pregnancy related procedures.

In the United Kingdom, I have not found a single company that has coverage for pregnant pets. Not one!

Always remember to read the actual company details and fine print for more exact info on the pet insurance coverage.

I would also suggest to look at the overall coverage to make sure it fits your needs, not just the pregnancy part.



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