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My choice for The Best Pet Insurance

What is the Best Rated Pet Insurance and the Best Pet Insurance in Canada and the USA?

Since most people are looking for an easy answer from all my research, I have made this page for that. An easy answer and my top recommended and best rated pet insurance company. For Canadian and USA pet owners, I recommend:

Trupanion – Is available in Canada and the USA.  With a rating of 9/10, it is also loved by most pet owners.  Originally Canadian, and so successful, they started in the USA.

Find more info from this site on Trupanion  Or, visit their website here.

After spending hours, weeks and months researching all the many pet insurance companies, this is my top choice and what I would consider to be the best pet insurance.

Why is this the best pet insurance? Well, I have several reasons:

This company offers:

·  Unlimited coverage – Unlimited EVERYTHING

·  Coverage throughout your pets life. Coverage doesn’t stop if your dog gets old.

·  Customizable – you choose how much the deductible is (10% or more)

·  Prices don’t increase as much as other insurance companies. If you insure your pet at a young age, you keep your puppy price throughout the pets life.

·  Chronic and re-occurring conditions are covered.

·  Coverage if you travel to the USA or Canada.

·  If your pet acquires a medical problem, that medical problem will be covered for the rest of your pets life. You’d be surprised by the number of pet insurance companies that only cover the injury or illness for a specified period of time or up to a certain amount of money, and wont continue to pay, even though your pet needs ongoing treatment.

·  Price doesn’t’ increase dramatically, and doesn’t increase based on the number of claims or your pets age. It only increases with the increase costs of vet service.

·  There is no maximum lifetime claim amount. Some companies may say that you can only claim up to a certain amount of money per condition. Ex. Only up to $3000 for joint problems.

·  You can pay extra for hip dysplasia condition if your pet is under 1 year.

· Another final reason why they’re the best rated pet insurance?

Great Reviews by pet owners.

and a FINAL reason… you want to chose a company that they’ve been around a LONG time, have LOTS of great reviews.  If they’ve been around a long time, then you KNOW they’ll be there when you NEED them.

The best pet insurance company

9/10 average rating by pet owners.

For all pet insurance, it is preferable to sign up your pet at a young age, because as your pet gets older, the insurance costs more and your pet is more likely to have pre-existing conditions.

Pre-existing conditions are not covered by ANY pet insurance company.


Pet Assure offers discounted vet care if your pet does have a pre existing condition and you live in the USA, then I’d recommend using Pet Assure, this is a discount program where you get 25% off each and EVERY vet visit at participating vets.

There is no deductible and no forms. You get a discount every time that you visit Pet Assure Vets. Plus there are discounts if you have multiple pets (they can all fall under the same plan).

The prices for Pet Assure are much lower, less than $10 per month. Much less than a normal pet insurance company. If your pet has pre-existing conditions, visit the Pet Assure site today, or check out the Pet Assure Plan Options.

Or, get discounted vet visits every time with check out the Pet Assure Plans!

Check out the many companies in your country to the left. I have done a lot of research on each company to help you better understand the fine print.

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