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Trupanion Pet Insurance :
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Trupanion is rated 9/10 by unbiased pet insurance reviews.  One of the top rated pet insurance companies in Canada and the USA! The company offers unlimited coverage with no maximums, and 90% coverage.  Plus, they cover hereditary and congenital conditions (as long as they’re not pre-existing).

Trupanion is a Canadian company that is growing quickly because of it’s great satisfaction with customers.  The plans are EXACTLY the same for Americans or Canadians, however the prices are slightly different as can be seen in the table below.


What I like best about Trupanion, is that if you sign up your pet at a young age, for example, as a puppy, they say that you keep the puppy price payment even as your dog ages because you’ve been paying for years.


They also offer a 30 day money back guarantee so you can sign up, and if you change your mind, you can cancel within 30 days as long as you haven’t made any claims.

Table with approximate coverage prices.

For the Quote examples below, For the puppy, I use a mixed breed 8 week old puppy.  For the older price, I use a 5 year old Great Dane (these are dogs with lots of medical problems, so their pet insurance is much higher), so that you can get a good range on prices.

For the cat price, I use a 1 year old domestic shorthair female cat.

The deductible is YOUR personal choice, so the lower the deductible, the higher the monthly cost.  If you want a deductible of $500, then your price will be between the prices given below.


Plan AccidentsIllnessAnnual DeducibleMax Age t sign onLifetime coverApprox. Price per pet
Trupanion CanadaUnlimitedUnlimitedYou choose $0-100014 years oldYesPuppy: $0 deductible: 59.89, $1000 deductible: $23.54 ---------- Adult: $0 deductible: $162.93, $1000 deductible: $52.99 ---------- Cat: $0 deductible: $42.37, $1000 deductible: $16.39
Trupanion USAUnlimitedUnlimitedYou choose $0-100014 years oldYesPuppy: $0 deductible: $37.60, $1000 deductible: $17.17 ---------- Adult: $0 deductible: $95.49, $1000 deductible: $33.72 ---------- Cat: $0 deductible: $26.42, $1000 deductible: $11.84

If you want to have hip dysplasia covered, this costs more, same with their additional benefits package.


If you want to add the Complimentary Care package (for extra money)– you will get additional coverage for hip dysplasia, acupuncture, physical therapy, hydrotherapy, behavioural modification and feline kidney transplants. 

The Additional Benefits Package covers:  Reward costs for lot pet, third party property damage, boarding fees during owner hospitalisation, trip cancellation costs due to a sick pet, cremation or burial costs.  This also costs more.

Top 10 Questions with answers from Trupanion Pet Insurance:

1)    Will my pet be covered for the rest of their life?  If they hit a certain age, will they still be covered?

Coverage will continue for the rest of their life.


2)    If my pet gets sick, will the illness be covered year after year?

Yes, your pet is covered year after year with unlimited claim amounts.


3)    Is there a maximum amount that I can get back?

No, there is no maximum.  Thy offer unlimited claims amount.


4)    When my pet gets old, will I be able to afford the insurance?  How much will the monthly amount go up by?


The monthly amount will go up with increasing vet fees and also inflation, however they try and keep the price low, and continue to offer the puppy or kitten price if you signed up your pet as a puppy or kitten.


For example if you sign on with a dog at 2 years old, you will continue to pay the price for a 2 year old dog.  The price will go up, but not because your dog has a birthday.


5)    What do other pet owners say? Rating?


9.0 / 10 - They have a great rating, and are one of the top rated in both Canada and the USA.


6)    Are Emergency veterinarians covered?

Yes, all veterinarians are covered.


7)    Are there ‘hidden fees’ or exceptional fine print?

They try and keep hidden fees out and don’t have exceptional fine print.  Always read the fine print before purchasing though.


8)    Is your breed covered?

All breeds are covered.


9)    Are chronic, congenital or hereditary conditions covered?

As long as they aren’t pre-existing,


10) Is the payment based on actual vet fees paid or a ‘benefit schedule’ (what the company says it should cost)?

The company is based on actual vet fees. You get 90% of the return of payments with no maximum amount.

A few more questions with answers:

a)    What Additional benefits are offered beyond illness and accident coverage?


b)    Is routine care covered such as annual shots and spaying or neutering?

No, these are not covered with Trupanion.


c)     Are there any discounts?

The only discount I found was the banner at the bottom of this page, for $10 off.. 



d)    If you file more claims, do rates increase?

They do not penalize you if you file more claims.



e)    What is the co-payment and deductible?

Co-payment is 90%, meaning that they cover 90%, while you have to pay 10%. 

The deductible is whatever you choose from $0 to $1000.  The higher the deductible, the lower your monthly costs.



f)     What is not covered?

Pre-existing conditions are not covered. 

They have 2 extra packages for extra conditions that you may want covered. 

Extra package #1 Complimentary Care package: covers hip dysplasia, acupuncture, physical therapy, hydrotherapy, behavioural modification and feline kidney transplants are an additional package you can get. 

Extra package #2 Additional Benefits Package:  covers reward costs for lot pet, third party property damage, boarding fees during owner hospitalisation, trip cancellation costs due to a sick pet, cremation or burial costs.


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