Pet Insurance Review
Nothing beats the truth!

Pet Insurance Review

A review is better than any advertisement or statement from a company. A good or bad review can make or break your purchase decision.

This page has been made by me, for you, to give your true opinion about your pet insurance company.

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Help others pet lovers, and tell them your experience with pet insurance in the USA. Real stories hold more weight and are more reliable and honest. So, share your knowledge right here!

Please include:

- Company name and country.

- Plan type.(ex. Premium, basic)

- ***A rating out of 10 (1 being worst) VERY IMPORTANT!

- Include specific information about your pet’s illness or injury. Such as dog or cat, breed, age, problem with pet/ condition, claim amount, claim paid. Etc. The more information the better.

- Were you happy with how your claim was handled (courtesy of company, time…)

- Satisfaction level: very unsatisfied, unsatisfied, neutral, satisfied or unsatisfied.

- Would you recommend this company?

These reviews are meant to be by customers for customers. If you are an insurance company (or financially compensated by one), please contact me directly.

Other Pet owner reviews of USA Pet Insurance companies!

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Embrace = Unsatisfied: Many Loop Holes and Denied Coverage 
I use to have the AKC and it was horrible, then I changed to Embrace. I thought they were to good to be true. Yup another illusion of a provider and I …

AKC: Worst insurance! 
This is the worst insurance, very expensive, very unorganized provider. My experience has been one disappointment after another. They have very many "fine …

Sheltercare: Rude on the Phone! 
These folks were rude! I spoke with 2 associates about a 30 day basic gift of insurance from the humane society and they were not only unhelpful but actually …

Very Satisfied with Healthy Paws Pet Insurance Not rated yet
Rating of 10/10 I am SO IMPRESSED with this Company. I have been with them a year. I have 3 dogs. It's been a rough year with their health. We had 2 …

Embrace = Unsatisfied: Many Loop Holes and Denied Coverage Not rated yet
I use to have the AKC and it was horrible, then I changed to Embrace. I thought they were to good to be true. Yup another illusion of a provider and I …

AKC: Horrible- Denied claims, rude and low coverage. Not rated yet
The Akc Pet Insurance - this insurance, it was horrible. I thankfully found a good insurance provider who actually pays claims promptly and delivers exactly …

Banfield: Automatically renews without informing you. Not rated yet
People tell you It is a ONE YEAR CONTRACT but is NOT. You have to call and cancel your ONE YEAR CONTRACT. ONE YEAR CONTRACT WILL NOT …

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