Compare Pet Insurance Prices and Plans!

Here we Compare Pet Insurance Prices and plans, and have easy to follow charts on EVERY SINGLE pet insurance company.

These tables make it easy to Compare Insurance Prices. You quickly glimpse the most important information and pick what plans fit your budget or fill the needs of your pet.

There is a single table for each country so that you can look at EVERY plan in one table.

To Compare Pet Insurance Plans for your country in a single chart, click below:

United States
United Kingdom- (coming soon)
Australia- (coming soon)

On the comparison tables, I’ve listed :
• Monthly premiums- approximation of a range of monthly costs. (the monthly amount isn’t exact, because like ALL insurance, it depends on many different factors. Pet insurance premiums change depending on the age of pet, breed of pet, your location). If you are looking to Compare Pet Insurance Prices, this table will help!
• Coverage- the amount that the company will cover for illness and accidents. Some company’s will cover more aswell.
• Deductible – annual or per incident.
• Co-payment- the % of the claim that you must pay on top of the deductible.
• Maximum age that your pet can be insured under their plan.

If there is more information needed beyond these important points, check out the more specific pages on each company. Choose your country on the left to find your country’s pet insurance companies.


If you want to see my opinion of the best companies, check those out on my best pet insurance page.

Throughout this website you will also find:
• Pages on each company with all important questions answered, and important points compiled in a easy to follow chart.
Terminology Page – so you can understand the terminology like a pro.
Best Pet Insurance – My opinion of what is the best company for money.
• Reviews- unbiased reviews from pet owners like you!

• Ratings – Each company is listed in order of rating by owners in USA and Canada

Get to the nitty gritty FAST!

• Top two companies in Canada and the USA


Canada – Compare the 8 pet insurance companies in the snowy country.

United Kingdom – with over 40 pet insurance companies, this comparison chart will make it easy to narrow down your choice (coming soon).

United States – a comparison chart of all the pet insurance in the States (coming soon).

Australia – Compare every pet insurance in Australia in one simple chart (coming soon).

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