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Side by side Pet Health Insurance Quotes for EVERY company in one place!
Throughout this website, you will find an approximate pet insurance quote for every plan for every company, easily, without having to visit each and every company’s webpage and enter your pet information. Trust me! It takes a LONG time!

The quotes are all based on the EXACT same information so you can compare the lower and higher amounts. These quotes are meant to give you an approximation of prices from the lower to a higher amount.

Lower priced pet insurance quotes are for:
• mixed breed pets, breeds with fewer health problems (not on the list of expensive dogs to insure),
• Younger pets
To get the lower quote, I put in: a dog is a younger mixed breed.

The higher value Pet Health Insurance Quotes comes from:
• Older pets- some companies have a maximum age to sign on.
• Pedigree pets with hereditary, congenital or other problems. For example many companies will not insure shar peis.
To get the higher quote, I put in the information for an older, pedigree (5 years old, as some companies limit the age for pedigrees to 6 years).

If you want to find out if your pet will be more expensive, check out the link of expensive breeds to insure . Plus, the older your pet, the more it will cost.

Another way that the pet insurance quote may be affected is by your address in the country – zip or postal code (prices of local vet in your area), whether your pet is fixed/ neutered or not, if it has a microchip. These, among other factors, can all affect your quote.

If you want to compare plans, check out the links below:

United States

More countries will be coming soon. So, keep checking back.

I hope that these pages help you to find the right pet insurance for your pet.

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