Hambone: Funny Pet Insurance Claim award!

Hambone is a contest for funny pet insurance claims. It is run through Veterinary Pet Insurance (VPI).

Do you have a pet that does stupid things… like, stick it’s nose in places it shouldn’t (like in a can), or find a warm spot: such as inside a dryer. Wonder what would happen if you weren’t there to help them by taking the can off, or if you didn’t notice them in the dryer?

Well, there is a contest with happy-ending, yet entertaining, stories for you!

It is a contest for Pets owners to submit their crazy pet injuries. They only accept stories with full recoveries.

Some of their crazy stories have included:

• A pug that ate over a hundred pebbles while at the kennel.

• A Chihuahua who got picked up by an owl.

• A retriever that got attacked by a snapping turtle.

• A lab that got a vegetable can attached to their bottom jaw.

• A lab that drank too much water and had to go to the vets!

• A cat that snuck in to a warm clothes dryer and went for a tumble!

• A Spaniel got a round meat bone stuck on his front teeth and had to be anesthetised to saw it off!

Every month Hambone awards have a different pet calamity. Check out the Hambone site and their stories. … and who knows, maybe you’ll submit and win!



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