Pet Renters Insurance ( Insurance Pet Renters ) and Pet Damage Insurance

Pet Renters Insurance=

Insurance Pet Renters + Pet Damage Insurance
So your apartment is covered too!

If you have an apartment, landlords may require you to get Pet Renters Insurance.

Below are the only companies that I’ve come across that offer Pet Damage Insurance for Renters.

These selected plans offer Accidental Damage Coverage.

In Canada:

Pet Care Insurance offers Pet Rental Insurance coverage upto $700 under their Tenant coverage plan only.

Pet Care Insurance offers MANY different plans besides Insurance Pet Renters. It is owned by the corporation of Pethealth.

In the USA:

Petsafe covers upto $25 000 of accidental apartment damage for the Gold Plan only.

Petsafe have fantastic plans and great customer service. They are owned by Radio Systems Corporation.


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