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You may also be interested in the company with the lowest
-Deductible or
-lowest Co-payment.

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Low Cost Pet Insurance in the United States:

I’ve also included the unbiased ratings of the company based on petinsurancereview.com.

Keep in mind that The Cheapest Pet Insurance, isn’t always the best pet insurance.

Top three Great Value for Money

9.7/10 Healthy PawsUnlimited coverage with customizable deductible.  BEST rating by pet insurance owners in the USA!  Visit Healthy Paws website.

Check out Healthy Paws site, or get a free Quote
With a rating of 9.7 of hundreds from pet owners, you can’t go wrong!

9/10 Trupanion: Unlimited Coverage, Hereditary and Congenital conditions covered as well as Reasonably priced.

Check out Trupanion Site, or get a free Quote

8.9/10 Embrace: High annual coverage, hereditary and congenital conditions covered, reasonably priced however they have a maximum age (Mixed breed dog=8, purebred dog=6, cat mix=10, purebred=8). If older than above ages, then only can get accident only.

Check out the Embrace site or get a free Quote

Great Co-payment (meaning the insurance company pays most of the bill)

9.7/10 • Healthy Paws– you can choose 90% co-payment.

Visit Healthy Paws site and see for yourself!
9.1/10 • Pet Plan– with Petplan, you can choose upto 100% co-payment.
Visit Pet Plan website to find out more (use BARKBOX code to get a free bark box)

9/10 • Trupanion: Large annual coverage and 90% co-payment plan options.

Check out Trupanion Site, or get a free Quote

8.9/10 • Embrace– you can choose 90% co-payment. You can also choose the deductible you want.

Check out the Embrace site or get a free Quote

Generally speaking the co-payment is around 70-100% with 80% being average. If the co-payment is better (you pay a lower percent of the total bill), you often pay more for a deductible or monthly premium.



Low Deductible 
– This list does not include per incident deductible plans.

9.7/10 Healthy Paws– Customize your plan and choose $50, 100, 250, or 500/yr deductible.

Visit Healthy Paws page and see for yourself!!
With a rating of 9.7 of hundreds from pet owners, you can’t go wrong!

8.9/10 Embrace- Custom Plan– You can choose a deductible from $100,200,300,500,1000/yr.

Check out the Embrace site or get a free Quote

7.8/10 ASPCA– $100/yr. 10% of your monthly bill goes towards ASPCA shelters.

5.7/10 AKC– $125/yr. You can get coverage in all 50 states with American Kennel Club.



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Check out the United States Pet Health Insurance Companies individually for more information:

24petwatch– another Pethealth corporation company!

AKC Pet Insurance– Offer Coverage in all 50 States!

ASPCA Pet Health Insurance– 10% of your purchase goes towards helping shelter animals.

Banfield Pet Insurance– Cheaper routine coverage spread out throughout the year to keep your regular vet prices low.

Companion Insurance– 2 plans to choose from.

Embrace Pet Insurance – Very customizable plan! so you can adjust your plan based on deductible or monthly payment to fit your budget.  Visit Embrace website.

Healthy Paws Pet Insurance – More customizable plans created by people who love animals.  Visit Healthy Paws website. 

Pet Assure– pet insurance alternative so you ALWAYS have lower vet bills and your pet will even be covered with pre-existing conditions.  Visit Pet Assure website. 

Pet Care Pet Insurance– HUGE assortment of plans to choose from.

Pet First insurance– same price policies for any breed of pet.

Corporation of Pethealth and all their other companies.

Pet Plan insurance – Excellent plans with upto 100% coverage!  Visit Pet plan website (use code BARKBOX for free bark box)

Petsafe – Unlimited coverage at reasonable prices.

Pets Best Insurance – Travel to anywhere in the world with your pet and you’ll be covered! Or if you have a pregnant dog, this might be for you!

Quick Care – 5 plans, with one especially for Tenants!

Shelter Care – Great prices and excellent customer service.

Trupanion – one plan so it’s easy, you just have to pick the perfect deductible for you.  Visit Trupanion website. 

VPI pet insurance– Originally created by Veterinarians, now covers your pet globally and will also cover Exotic pets and birds!

Pet Insurance Terminology – all the complicated terminology explained simply and easily.


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