Banfield Pet Insurance – Routine care insurance.

Banfield Pet Insurance is run through Petsmart hospitals and is also known as Petsmart Pet Insurance.

History: Petsmart started in 1986 and now has 1075 stores in Canada and the United States.

This page has been designed differently because Banfield Insurance isn’t like ‘typical’ pet insurance. With Banfield, you don’t get to go to your regular vet, you can go to any of the 750 Banfield Pet Hospitals.

How it works:
Instead of paying a large bill once a year, Banfield Pet Insurance reduces the total bill you have to pay and spread your lowered bill over a year so you pay monthly payments.

It’s a preventative program, instead of an accident or illness program. Banfield Pet Insurance gives a discount on all the services that you would normally pay for annually for things such as vaccines and annual exams. BUT, they don’t cover accidents or illnesses, BUT you can find out what’s wrong with unlimited office calls, so you don’t have to worry about the expensive visits to find out nothing is wrong…

No deductibles or waiting period to get your money. 

Price is the same for all breeds and ages of the same species.


There is only a one time membership fee of $69 or $99.

All plans include: head to tail exams, vaccines, early screening diagnosis, consultants for nutrition, dental care…


Free unlimited office visits.

My Impression: The lady that I talked to on the phone was very pleasant. Her name was Donna- and she gave the number of 1800-838-6738 x 5389. She offered to give me a discount on the membership fee depending if the shop that I chose to go to. She was very helpful and nice. She said that most of the money that you pay for your pet in its life is towards routine and preventative care.

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Puppy/Kitten Program

Each puppy or kitten program has 2 choices with the difference being the discounts and whether you want spay/neutering.
Banfield Pet Insurance covers:
• first year physical and vaccinations,
• free office calls during working hours,
• de-worming,
• Heartworm, Lyme, Ehrlichia test (for puppies), Leukemia/FIV test (for kittens),
• 3 Intestinal Parasite fecal exams,
• Ear swab and microscopic exam,
• 4 round and hook de-wormings,
• interstate health certificate if needed,
• spay/neurter surgery before 6months old (optional),
• 5 or 10 % discount on Flea and tick prevention, Heartworm control, prescriptions and other services.

How much is puppy/kitten program? 
Membership fee: $69.95 for kitten, $99.95 for a puppy.

Two choices for your pet in its first year:
Early care primary: Puppy 21.95/month.
Early care basic(with spay or neuter): Puppy 24.95/month.

After the first year they are automatically signed onto the Basic plan with Banfield Pet Insurance.

Age to join for puppy/kitten plan?
8weeks-6 months to join. Covered till they are one year.



Do the Adult plans cover accidents or illnesses?  
They will give you a free office visit to determine the problem. They can treat your pet, just like any vet, but you will get and a certain % discount depending on the plan you have.

Where does Banfield Pet Insurance serve? 
USA – almost every state. A lot in California, and Oregon. Over 750 hospitals across USA. You must go to one of their Hospitals.

None in Canada.

Is there a co-pay or deductible?
No, neither. Only a one time Membership fee.

Dog and Cat plan for Banfield Pet Insurance
One time Membership fee- $69.95 for adult cats and dogs, 99.95 for puppies and 69.95 for kittens.

Basic Basic Plus Optimum
PRICE Dog: $24.95 Dog: $32.95 Dog: $40.95
Cat: $18.95 Cat: $24.95 Cat: $31.95
Unlimited office calls
Annual Vaccines *
Comprehensive Exams (2 year)
Ear swab and microscopic exam (1st year only)
Heartworm, Lyme, Ehrlichia test- dogs only
Feline heart worm test- cats only
Intestinal Parasite fecal exams (2 per year)
Round and Hook de-worming (2 per year)
Interstate health certificate if needed
Blood sample collect/prep 2/year 2/year
Blood cell count 2/year 2/year
Differential exam of blood cells 2/year 2/year
Organ function screen 2/year 2/year
Canine or Feline dental prophylaxis protocol
Anesthesia for Dental
Hospitalization for Dental
Urine sample collect and prep 2/year
Urinalysis- individual test 2/year
Urine specific gravity 2/year
Urine sediment exam 2/year
Chest X-ray (3 views)- dogs only
Electrocardiograms (2/year)
Thyroid screen- Cats only
Tonometry/Ocular pressure- cats only 2/year
Option to add second dental (10% off)
Option to add spay or neuter (10% off)
Option to add parasite control
Additional discounts on other products and services 10% 15% 20%

*(Dogs- Rabies, Bordatella 2x/yr, And booster for Distemper Parvo, Lyme disease, Leptospirosis) (Cats- Rabies, Booster for Feline Leukemia, Feline Infectious Peritonitus, Feline distemper combo)

Not only does petsmart sell pet food, it sells over 13 000 products! It also has an Online Adoption centre, Petsmart Salons, Pet Training, Petsmart PetsHotel, Doggie Day camp, and Petsmart Charities for animal welfare…

… So it’s no surprise that Petsmart would also create it’s own pet insurance and pet hospital!

If you want to contact Banfield and ask questions, please phone: 1-866-277-PETS (1-866-277-7387)

If you use Banfield Pet Insurance, please let me know how they are and leave a review to help other pet owners.

Thank you.


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