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Best Rated Pet Insurance in the USA

This page has been made so that you can compare the best rated pet insurance in the USA.  If you’re looking for pet insurance ratings for Canada, I’ve researched that too!


I feel that a great way to choose a company that you will pay hundreds of dollars over many years, is by what other people think of the company.


I have visited EVERY pet insurance company on this page and also scoured the web to check out reviews and information.  One site, petinsurancereview, has reviews and overall ratings of different pet insurance companies.



Top 4 Best Rated Pet Insurance companies in USA:
explained in order below with their rating.

9.7  / 10   Healthy Paws

Healthy Paws is a newer company that has risen in the ranks!  It started a few years back, and has risen to the top ranked pet insurance company in the USA.  It offers Unlimited Lifetime coverage with a sliding co-payment and your choice of deductible.


Check out my overview page on Healthy Paws, or

Visit Healthy Paws page and see for yourself!!
With a rating of 9.7 of hundreds from pet owners, you can't go wrong!

9.1 / 10  Pet Plan

 Pet Plan is an American Company that offers 3 plans with coverage for $8 000, $12 000 or $20 000 annually. There is no lifetime limits with PetPlan (within the annual amounts).  This company has done so well in the USA that it’s started to expand to cover Canada.

Visit PetPlan site 

9.0 / 10  Trupanion


Trupanion started as a Canadian Pet insurance company that has done so well, that it’s started selling policies in the USA. They offer unlimited lifetime coverage with a sliding deductible (that you choose) from 0 to $1000, so that you can fully customize your insurance policy.


Check out Trupanion Site, or get a free Quote

8.9 / 10 Embrace

Embrace Pet insurance offers 3 main plans, with a customizable plan with the option to customize your deductible and co-payment.  The plans cover from $5000 / year to $15 000/ year.  You can also choose to have coverage towards your annual vet examination and shots.

Check out the Embrace site or get a free Quote

  USA Best Rated Pet Insurance Table,
with all companies listed:

The Ratings for the companies in the USA, in order of customer satisfaction.


Weighted Average:60 day rating1 year ratingLifetime ratingCompanyGet a quote for companyThis Site Overview page PawsHealthy Paws quote!Healthy Paws
8.998.99.28.9TrupanionTrupanion Site 
8.938.999.1EmbraceEmbrace Site 
7.8237.37.9Pet First 
5.7496.55.6AKC Pet 
----Protect your 
Other Options      
6.994.54.57.3Pet AssurePet Assure Website 
6.5---United Pet

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