Pet Insurance Best : Find the Best Pet Insurance for you!

Find out what makes Pet Insurance Best ! I have examined each Pet Insurance Company to bring you the Pet Insurance Best for you. I will explain what each company excels at, so that your choice is simple.

I can’t tell you what the Best Pet Insurance is for you, but I will tell you what each company does well and important information about each pet insurance company.

First, Figure out what you looking for:
– Full comprehensive coverage (including Annual shots and exams)?
– Coverage for your apartment?
– Basic coverage for illness and accident?
– Accident coverage only?
– Low Deductible or low monthly payments?
– Coverage for Hereditary and Congenital Conditions?

Now that you know what you want, I’ve explained the companies that could be of interest to you.

Another Option:

Discounted Vet Visits

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How about 25% off EVERY visit you take to the Vet?
Or coverage for pre-existing and hereditary conditions and all ages of pets?
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To find out what the Pet Insurance Best plans are, check out the links below depending on the country that you are from:
• United Kingdom (coming soon)
• Australia (coming soon)

• United States– Best Pet Insurance in the USA can be found below on this page. Keep reading below for the Pet Insurance Best in the USA!

Pet Insurance Best in the USA

I have researched and analyzed EVERY single pet insurance company in the USA and turned up the companies that I think have the Pet Insurance Best plans.

I have explained important points of each company so you know what are the Pet Insurance Best is in the USA.

I have also included the company’s rating at petinsurancereview.  So, you KNOW what other pet owners think of the company and will be happy with them too!

Top 4 Plans:

These are my USA’s Pet Insurance Best Plans. They ALL cover Hereditary and Congenital conditions.

Best Pet Insurance companies with UNLIMITED Coverage AND customizable:

9.7/10  Healthy Paws– Great Rating by pet owners.  Customizable plans. You can choose the deductible or co-payment. One of the top 5 Best Pet Insurance companies in the USA!

Check out the Healthy Paws site to get a quote for your pet.

9/10 Trupanion Pet Insurance – Super customizable plans.  Great prices with excellent coverage. You get to choose the deductible. Great customer service!  Plus if you sign up as a puppy, you pay the puppy price for the lifetime of your pet.

Visit the Trupanion website and see for yourself!  

8.9/10 Lots of Discounts and customizable.
Embrace Pet Insurance – Lots of discounts that can be stacked. If your pet is spayed/neutered, microchipped, multiple pets, annual bill payment, military discount and good hip discount! Very customizable can add top ups for different options that you want so you don’t pay for something you wont use. Overall, I liked their plans.
Check out the Embrace Website to get a free quote for your pet.

9.1/10 Pet Plan– To be one of the top 5 Best pet insurance companies, this company is reasonably priced, and even the lowest plan covers a lot. They seem very transparent, so that they won’t say later… it wasn’t covered in fine print. If you have an older pedigree dog, then it can be pricey, otherwise it’s reasonably priced. They cover hereditary and congenital conditions.

Another company that covers heriditary conditions, but without a rating.  

?/10 Shelter Care – Very good prices- even for older pure-bred dogs. Cover hereditary conditions too! Have lifetime limits for illness.  Super friendly customer service.

OR …. Save money EVERY time you visit the vet!

An Alternative to Pet Insurance

Cover Pre Existing Conditions too! 

7/10 Pet Assure– Pet Insurance Alternative- pay a low monthly amount (as low as $6.58/month) and see upto 25% savings on your pets medical bills. No claims or deductibles. They cover ALL animals even with pre-existing conditions. This is why they are one of the Best Pet Insurance alternatives!
Visit the Pet Assure Website now to start saving!

These Companies have limited Congenital or Hereditary conditions coverage:

(meaning that they may NOT cover heriditary conditions)(or you have to pay extra and purchase an add-on plan).

Pregnancy coverage and Travel to Foreign Countries! 
8.5/10 Pets Best – Visit ANY vet and it will be covered anywhere in the world. There is a LARGE lifetime limit, so you have the potential to run out of funds later in your pets life if you have made many claims (although this is unlikely).Pros- No benefit schedule, so no matter what your pet vet bills cost, you get paid 80%. Very transparent company. They try to write everything on their website so you can find it easily. They do not cover congenital conditions. They do cover hereditary conditions, but only to a small maximum amount.

Best Pet Insurance for Breeding Coverage:
7.8/10 Pet First – They do not charge more if your pet is old, or young mixed breed or pedigree. Make sure you check the riders because they cover a lot of things that are necessary. For example, the hereditary/chronic/ congenital rider will probably be recommended to purchase so that ongoing conditions are covered. They also cover some Breeding related incidents (if you purchase the rider).

My Least Favorite of the Pet Insurance Best:
Because none of them cover Hereditary Conditions.

Coverage in All states: 
5.7/10 AKC – lifetime maximums so if these are reached you wont get coverage anymore. Pro’s- can get coverage in all 50 states. Hereditary Conditions are NOT covered.

Donation to ASPCA Shelters included: 
7.8/10 ASPCA (and Premier and Hartville) – cover what they think is a % of a ‘reasonable’ cost in your area. You must pay extra so that they’ll cover on-going conditions. Congenital and hereditary conditions are NOT covered. Very little is written on their website. In my opinion, they seem to have a lot of fine print.

Use a Benefit Schedule and Global Coverage
(you’ll get a percent of what they calculate the ‘typical cost’ is)

7.8/10 VPI – good for exotic pets and also good for travelers cause your pet is covered globally. BUT, they use a coverage chart /benefit schedule of how much they will reimburse for each incident. The Major plan covers 100% of the benefit schedule. The main plan only covers 50% of the benefit schedule.

Routine Plan and Pet Hospital:
4/10 Banfield– Good for routine care, not accident or illness coverage. They offer your annual vet bills to be reduced and then spread out over the course of a year, so you only pay a monthly bill.

These were the overall differences and the things that I thought were important to figure out the Pet Insurance Best companies.

If interested in Exotic Pet Insurance, click here.

If you want to compare each Plan yourself, check out my Comparison Page for the USA or Check out each company individually on this site and you will be able to fully see the differences.

Please let me know what company you end up going with and Leave a review so that we can make this site more informative for other pet loving owners.

A GREAT way to check out pet insurance companies is by their ratings by other pet owners.  

Easy to follow Comparison Chart of all the United States Pet Insurance Plans.

Check out the Cheapest Pet Insurance company in the USA and find out which plans have the lowest co-payment and lowest deductible.

Check out the USA Pet Insurance Companies individually for more information:

24petwatch– another Pethealth corporation company!

AKC Pet Insurance– Offer Coverage in all 50 States!

Banfield Pet Insurance– Cheaper routine coverage spread out throughout the year to keep your regular vet prices low.

Companion Insurance– related to 24petwatch plans.

Embrace Pet Insurance – Very customizable plan! so you can adjust your plan based on deductible or monthly payment to fit your budget. Embrace Website

Healthy Paws Pet Insurance – More customizable plans created by people who love animals.

Pet Assure– pet insurance alternative so you ALWAYS have lower vet bills and your pet will even be covered with pre-existing conditions. Pet Assure Website

Pet Care Pet Insurance– HUGE assortment of plans to choose from.

Pet First insurance– same price policies for any breed of pet.

Corporation of Pethealth and all their other companies.

Pet Plan insurance – Excellent plans with upto 100% coverage!

Petsafe – Unlimited coverage at reasonable prices.

Pets Best Insurance – Travel to anywhere in the world with your pet and you’ll be covered! Or if you have a pregnant dog, this might be for you!

Purinacare – 3 plans with 20 000 per year coverage.

Quick Care – 5 plans, with one especially for Tenants!

Shelter Care – Great prices and excellent customer service.

Trupanion – one plan so it’s easy, you just have to pick the perfect deductible for you. Trupanion Website

VPI pet insurance– Originally created by Veterinarians, now covers your pet globally and will also cover Exotic pets and birds!


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