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Find the Best Pet Insurance today!

Find the Best Pet Insurance now! I have summarized the Best Insurance Pet by telling you what each company is excels at, so that you can easily find the what insurance fits your needs.

I can’t say what the Best Insurance Pet is for you, but I can tell you what each company is best at and things that you need to take note of for each pet insurance company.

First, You will need to know what you looking for:
– Full comprehensive coverage (including Annual shots and exams)?
– Accident coverage only?
– Coverage for your apartment?
– Basic coverage for illness and accident?
– Low Deductible or low monthly payments?

Now that you know what you are looking for, I’ve summarized what are the Best Pet Insurance companies that might be of the most interest to you.

To find out what is the Best Insurance Pet check out the links below depending on the country that you are from:
• United Kingdom (coming soon)
United States
• Australia (coming soon)

• Canada – The Best Insurance Pet can be found below on this page. Keep reading.

Best Pet Insurance in Canada

Companies are listed in order of rating by pet owners on petinsurancereview.
I have researched and analyzed EVERY single pet insurance company in Canada and come up with the companies that I think are the Best insurance pet insurance companies.

I cannot say what is the best pet insurance for you, so, I’ve sorted them by ratings by pet owners like you.

Top Two:

9/10  ) Most customizable – Trupanion pet insurance -You get unlimited coverage and you choose the exact deductible that you want from 0-$1000 per incident so that you can customize the plan by what you can afford. The Trupanion pet insurance website is very clear and understandable.  Most reviews for this company are great!  Visit the Trupanion Pet Insurance page. 

7/5/10 ) Possibly cover Pre-existing conditions : Pet Secure – will potentially cover pre-existing conditions if the pet has been symptom free for 6 months. This is done on a case-by-case basis. Not as cheap as PC pet insurance, however VERY extensive coverage for the average plan with no lifetime limits. They have decent plans and a lot of people are very happy with their coverage and leave great reviews! My friend uses pet secure and is very happy with them.

5.3/10  Decent monthly payment: PC pet Insurance Decent Pet Insurance overall.   Cheaper plans only cover some illnesses.  Reasonable monthly premiums for an ok coverage. Be aware that deductible increases with the age of the pet.

4.7/10 Lower annual deductible- Purina pet Insurance Easy to understand and simple lifetime plans that renew each year.

4.7 / 10 Most plan choicesPet Care Insurance 8 or more plans for each cats and dogs, each with certain illnesses that are covered. I found the selection of plans confusing. The only company that offers a tenant insurance for damage that your pet might cause to your apartment.

? / 10 Offer lifetime annual coverage Ontario SPCA Pet health Insurance For residents of Ontario, you can get a plan that it doesn’t matter where in Ontario you live, the premium isn’t based on your location or your pets age. The deductible and co-payment increase with the age of your pet. However their plans renew each year, so you have true lifetime coverage.

?/ 10 Offer maximum lifetime limits– Cherry Blue Pet Insurance– your pet can run out of insurance as it gets older. They offer a lifetime amount of $10 000, so that you can make $10 000 worth of claims over the life of the pet. This allows the flexibility so that one year you may make a lot of claims, but other years you make no claims, and as long as you don’t reach the limit you’re still covered.

These were the overall differences and the things that I thought were important for these companies.

If you want to compare each one yourself, check out my comparison page for Canada or check out each company individually on this site and you will be able to fully see the differences.

Please let me know what company you end up going with and leave a review so that we can make this site more informative for other pet loving owners.

Easy to follow Comparison Chart of all the Canadian Pet Insurance Plans.

Check out the Cheapest Pet Insurance company in Canada and find out which plans have the lowest co-payment and lowest deductible.

Check out the Canadian Pet Insurance Companies individually for more information:

Cherry blue pet insurance- 3 simple plans- basic, ultimate and in the middle.

PC Insurance- 5 plans all reasonably priced!

Pet care insurance- HUGE assortment of plans to choose from.

Corporation of Pethealth and all their other insurance companies

Purina pet insurance – 3 simple but comprehensive plans so it’s easy to choose.

Ontario spca pet insurance – 5 plans for Ontario Residents

Trupanion pet insurance- one plan so it’s easy, you just have to pick the perfect deductible for you.

Vet insurance- powered by Trupanion.

Pet Insurance Terminology – all the complicated terminology explained simply and easily

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Comments on this page from before I modified my site:

Louise Shultz  – University of British Columbia: – 25 Jul 2013
I have a number of pets insured. Most of my claims have been denied for all sorts of reasons, generally preexisting conditions. My premiums have been raised every year and when I call they say oh well just put your deductible up so you can afford it, when I ask why it is raised they answer cost of vet care in your area. When I spoke to my clinic they say that is not true. When I called Trupanion back they said they were not pwrmitted to give me actuarial data. Not that happy paying premiums but really looking at cancelling.

Sabine Blackburn – works at Shaw Communications: – 25 Jul 2013
Here is my plan: Take the money you spend on pet insurance every month and put it in a savings account. If you need funds they will be there if you don’t you can have a party for you and your healthy pets.

Joan-Anne Fortier – Business Owner at Enterprise Daigneault Enr. – 25 Jul 2013
Have to agree with Sabine !

Matina Paris – Concordia University – 15 Nov 2015
Lost my dog of 15+ years 2 months ago. Had insurance with Trupanion. Would not honour my claims on 2 different occasions as they said it was preexisting conditions. I had my vet send in all sorts of information regarding dates to prove it was not preexisting. Kept getting leters of explanation but each time from a different person! I now have a resue 18 month old cutie wire-haired dachshund and am looking for insurance for her. I advise people looking for insurance NOT to go with trupanion. My first dog got cancer at 13. With Pet Plan I had bills up to $10,000 over a 15 month period and I got reimbursements at 80% with absolutely no trouble.

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