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(same as Trupanion)

The Vetinsurance brand is the same as Trupanion Vet Insurance.

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The Vetinsurance brand became Trupanion because in the United States and Canada, the Vet insurance company (or Trupanion) had the same plans but different names, so they decided to make it simple and give them the same name, and went with Trupanion.

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vet insurance

Vet Insurance – Information on Pet Health Insurance

Below you will find some information for Trupanion.

Snapshot Information Chart for Trupanion (same as Vetinsurance)
% indicates co-payment amount- click here to understand co-payments

Plan Accidents Illness Deductible (per accident/illness) Max age to sign on Lifetime cover Price per month
Dog 10% Unlimited unlimited $0-1000 /incident none Yes Dog $21.31- 128.73
Cat 10% Unlimited unlimited $0-1000 /incident none yes Cat $13.27- 45.59

Price per month depends on price of deductible which YOU can choose from $0, or $50-1000 in increments of $5. The higher the deductible, the lower the monthly fee. You can also choose (if the pet is under 1 year) whether or not you want hip dysplasia covered (for both Cats and Dogs). You have to pay extra for this.


Detailed coverage Chart for Trupanion (same as Vetinsurance)

Single plan (10%)
Vet fees Accident Unlimited
Vet fees- Illness Unlimited
Routine Care
Hereditary Conditions Yes- exclusions include hip dysplasia
Hip dysplasia Yes- see below
Euthanasia If medically necessary
Cover Abroad To USA
Behavioural problems
Prescription meds yes
Dental Only from accident illness
Alternative treatment
Breeding, Fertility, Pregnancy
Medical devices yes
Lost/Stolen pet adds
Third party liability
(dogs only)
Accidental Damage
Grooming and Bathing
Pet food, Nutritional supplements, vitamins, natural remedies 25% on certain foods only

Vet fees- Illness or Accident
Routine/Preventative care – is not covered.
Hereditary conditions-all others covered. see hip dysplasia.
Hip dysplasia- Yes, if the pet is enrolled before its first birthday.
Death- Will cover replacement price of pet if dies from accident.
Euthanasia – is covered if medically necessary.
Cremation –is not covered.
Boarding- If you go to hospital for more than 48hrs – not covered.
Holiday cancellation- not covered.
Cover abroad- to the USA is covered – unlimited time there.
Behavioural problems/training(if prescribed by vet)- are not covered.
Prescription Meds- are covered.
Dental- is covered if it relates to an accident. Annual is not covered.
Alternative treatment- acupuncture, massage… not covered.
Medical devices- are covered.
Lost/Stolen Pet- Advertising to find pet if lost/stolen/strays- is not covered.
Third party liability(dogs only) – is not covered.
Accidental Damage– is not covered.
Grooming and Bathing– is not covered.
Pet food, Nutritional supplements, vitamins, natural remedies- select products are covered upto 25%.

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