Trupanion pet insurance – One simple plan, you choose the deducible!

Trupanion pet insurance has the most customizable pet insurance in Canada!

They have only ONE plan where you can chose the EXACT deductible that you want to pay.

One nice thing is that the co-payment is pretty low (10%) as well as there is UNLIMITED coverage, so then you just have to choose how much you want to pay as a deductible or monthly payments. Trupanion’s plans are very customizable.

The Trupanion pet insurance website is very clear and understandable. Worth a visit to the Trupanion site if you want to find out more.

Good things to note about Trupanion pet insurance:
• If you travel to the states a lot, (perhaps as a retired person), you can spend as much time as you want in the USA as your pet will be covered at any American vet, and you can spend as much time as you want in the USA as your pet will be covered at any American vet.
• Both chronic and re-occuring conditions are covered since they are a lifetime insurer.
• Quick re-payment- 90% of claims paid within 24hrs.

Important things to know about Trupanion pet insurance 
If you have a dog that is unspayed or neutered before your vets recommended age, there may be illnesses in the future that might not be covered if the illness is caused from not spaying or neutering your pet.

Have to pay extra for hip dysplasia, (only company that you have to pay extra).

Below you will find simple and easy to follow comparison charts about Trupanion pet insurance aswell as important questions answered. Feel free to send me any questions that were not answered since others probably have the same question.

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Snapshot Information Chart for Trupanion pet insurance 
% indicates co-payment amount- click here to understand co-payments 

Plan Accidents Illness Deductible (per accident/illness) Max age to sign on Lifetime cover Price per month
Dog 10% Unlimited unlimited $0-1000 /incident none Yes Dog $21.31- 128.73
Cat 10% Unlimited unlimited $0-1000 /incident none yes Cat $13.27- 45.59

Price per month depends on price of deductible which YOU can choose from $0, or $50-1000 in increments of $5. The higher the deductible, the lower the monthly fee. You can also choose (if the pet is under 1 year) whether or not you want hip dysplasia covered (for both Cats and Dogs). You have to pay extra for this.

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Detailed coverage Chart for Trupanion pet insurance 

Single plan (10%)
Vet fees Accident Unlimited
Vet fees- Illness Unlimited
Routine Care
Hereditary Conditions Yes- exclusions include hip dysplasia
Hip dysplasia Yes- see below
Euthanasia If medically necessary
Cover Abroad To USA
Behavioural problems
Prescription meds yes
Dental Only from accident illness
Alternative treatment
Breeding, Fertility, Pregnancy
Medical devices yes
Lost/Stolen pet adds
Third party liability
(dogs only)
Accidental Damage
Grooming and Bathing
Pet food, Nutritional supplements, vitamins, natural remedies 25% on certain foods only

Vet fees- Illness or Accident
Routine/Preventative care – is not covered.
Hereditary conditions-all others covered. see hip dysplasia.
Hip dysplasia- Yes, if the pet is enrolled before its first birthday.
Death- Will cover replacement price of pet if dies from accident.
Euthanasia – is covered if medically necessary.
Cremation –is not covered.
Boarding- If you go to hospital for more than 48hrs – not covered.
Holiday cancellation- not covered.
Cover abroad- to the USA is covered – unlimited time there.
Behavioural problems/training(if prescribed by vet)- are not covered.
Prescription Meds- are covered.
Dental- is covered if it relates to an accident. Annual is not covered.
Alternative treatment- acupuncture, massage… not covered.
Medical devices- are covered.
Lost/Stolen Pet- Advertising to find pet if lost/stolen/strays- is not covered.
Third party liability(dogs only) – is not covered.
Accidental Damage– is not covered.
Grooming and Bathing– is not covered.
Pet food, Nutritional supplements, vitamins, natural remedies- select products are covered upto 25%.

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Some Common Questions:

Lifetime insurer? 

If you want to better understand Lifetime Pet Insurance, check out this page!

No, some for enrolment fee if the discount code is found online

Any vet or specific vets only? After hours vets or in home vets? 
Any vet, however, after vets or in-home vets are only paid at 90%

Can the vet be paid directly? 
They can… they have a system, but your vet needs to say it’s ok to get payment from them.

How quickly are claims processed? 
Approved and paid within 7 days (90% of previous claims have been paid in 24 hrs).

Do you cover examination fee? 

All breeds? 

Do I stop getting coverage as my dog ages? 

Does age affect monthly price? 
Yes, but deductible stays the same (unless you change it yourself).

Do you put the monthly price up every year? By how much? 
It’s raised every couple of years… based on how much medical care goes up or down in your postal code. If it’s too much, its capped. You are given 30 days of notice.

Do they serve all of Canada? 

Is the monthly amount more depending on where I live? 
Yes, because vet fees vary depending on where you live.

Waiting period? 
Accident 5 days after starting, Illness 30 days after signing up.

Do rates increase with more claims/penalized for filing more claims? 
No. Rates don’t increase with more claims.

Maximum lifetime claim amount? 

What is the co-pay? 
10% co-pay. You will have to pay 10% of the vet fee aswell as the exam fee and the deductible.

To understand co-payment and deducible click here 

Extras included? 
Yes, ID tag given with pet number so it can be brought back to you with a 24hr pet phone line so someone can be called 24hrs to contact you.

Money back guarantee? 
30 days- as long as no claims filed within first 30 days.

What they don’t cover – claims that are directly or indirectly related to:
—Pets under 8 weeks old.
—Pre-existing conditions.
Limited coverage for pets that have not been neutered before the vets recommended age. Nothing to do with pregnancy, testicular cancer etc. For example: what isnt’ removed with an unsprayed pet, aggressive male dog because it’s not neutered
—No coverage for activities that result from: racing, breeding, hunting, law enforcement, hunting.

Make sure to read the fine print before purchasing, there are many more exclusions that are not written here.

If you want to contact Trupanion, their number is 1- 800.569.7913. You can call 24 hrs a day!

Or, visit their website Trupanion Pet Insurance to purchase their plans.

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