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PC insurance (Presidents Choice)

PC insurance (presidents choice) has pretty good prices and coverage for the price. The monthly premium is very affordable, and the coverage is quite reasonable especially since there are no maximum lifetime limits. However there are 'per condition limits', and fine print that you need to be aware of, just like any insurance company.

When I phoned Presidents Choice insurance, I talked with David. He was very helpful and informative. He suggested the Choice or Ultra plans since they cover ALL illnesses (not just the selected ones).

Depending on the amount you feel comfortable spending, you’ll get coverage for up to $2500/yr or $5000/yr , by spending from $23.59-48.41 per month with PC insurance!!

The way that PC insurance keeps their monthly prices is low is by having the deductible change as your pet ages, to a maximum of $400 for a dog over the age of 10 years. This isn’t too much of a problem in my opinion because the illness deductible is annual so you only have to pay it once per year.

They cover pets in all the provinces of Canada as well as the territories.

Plus, if you purchase with your PC credit card, then you can get PC points when you purchase your pet insurance and use the points to buy groceries (or pet food)!!!

Overall, I felt that PC insurance plans for pets were one of the easiest to understand and good value for money.

Please let me know if you purchase PC insurance, and if my advice here has helped. I would love to hear your PC review or your pet success stories!

Click here to go directly to their site. BUT… before you do, check out this page, right here (below), as it has important information that you can’t find on their site… you can only get it by phoning the company!

Snapshot Information Chart for PC insurance for Pets
% indicates co-payment amount- click here to understand co-payments

PlanAccidents IllnessDeductible Max age to sign onLifetime coverPrice per month
Accident (20%)$1500/ incident-Increase with age of dogNoneNoDogs $10.95 Cats $9.95
Value (20%)$2000/ incident$2000/ selected illnesses*Increase with age of petNoneYesDogs $14.26- 23.18 Cats $13.41
Choice (20%)$2500/ incident$2500/ illness/ yearIncrease with age of petNoneYesDogs $23.59- 38.33 Cats $19.82
Ultra (20%)$5000/ incident$5000/ illness/ yearIncrease with age of petNoneYesDogs $29.79 -48.41 Cats $25.72

* Selected illnesses- Ear infections, eye infections, digestive problems, kidney and urinary tract problems, contagious infectious diseases, cancer. Plus for dogs affects, arthritis and seizures, for cats- feline asthma and diabetes.

Accident- deductible= $100 per incident (always is $100)

Illness- deducible is per year.
Dogs: 8 weeks to 5 years= $100/yr, 5-7 years = $200/yr, 7-10 years=$400, 10+ years = $500
Cats: 0-7years = $100/yr, 7-10 years =$150, 10+years =$250

Detailed coverage Chart for PC insurance for Pets

Vet fees Accident $1500/ incident$2000/ incident$2500/ incident$5000/ incident
Vet fees- Illness-$2000/ selected illnesses*$2500/ illness/ year$5000/ illness/ year
Routine Care----
Hereditary Conditionsyesyesyesyes
Hip dysplasiayesyesyesyes
Death and Euthanasia$600 $600 $600 $600
Cremation$100 $100 $100 $100
Boarding$500 $500 $500 $500
Holiday$1,000 $1,000 $1,000 $1,000
Cover AbroadUSA upto 6 months- dollar/dollar (not converted)USA upto 6 months- dollar/dollar (not converted)USA upto 6 months- dollar/dollar (not converted)USA upto 6 months- dollar/dollar (not converted)
Behavioural problems--$350 $350
Prescription medsyesyesyesyes
Alternative treatmentyesyesyesyes
Breeding, Fertility, PregnancySee belowSee belowSee belowSee below
Medical devices$350 $350 $350 $350
Lost/Stolen pet adds$300 $300 $300 $300
Third party liability----
(dogs only)    
Accidental Damage----
Grooming and Bathing----
Pet food, Nutritional supplements, vitamins, natural remediesPrescription food max $75/yrPrescription food max $75/yrPrescription food max $75/yrPrescription food max $75/yr

Vet fees:
any sudden, unexpected external event. Ex. Vehicle collision, eating a foreign object.
Illness- Sickness or disease that affects normal health of pet
* Selected illnesses for Value plan: Ear infections, eye infections, digestive problems, kidney and urinary tract problems, contagious infectious diseases, cancer. Plus for dogs affects, arthritis and seizures, for cats- feline asthma and diabetes.
Routine/Preventative care- vaccinations, annual exam, spay/neuter, heartworm testing and meds, teeth cleaning, tick and flea meds.
Hereditary conditions-are covered
Hip Dysplasia- are covered
Death- Will cover replacement price of pet if dies from accident
Euthanasia and Cremation will pay upto $600 for pet
Boarding- If you go to hospital for more than 48hrs PC insurance will pay upto $500 per year
Holiday- will cover upto $1000 if you have to cancel travel due to a live-saving event for your pet.
Cover abroad- you can travel to the USA for upto 6 months and your pet will be covered. The amount reimbursed is paid on a dollar per dollar basis, thus they will not convert the currency. For example, if the vet costs $2000USD, then the reimbursement will be $2000CAD (minus deducible and co-pay).
Behavioural problems-are only covered for the Choice and Ultra plans- upto $350/yr.
Prescription Meds- are covered for all plans.Dental- they offer no dental coverage.Alternative treatment- is covered for all plans.Breeding, Fertility, Pregnancy- They will cover some things, such as emergency accidents. If the vet doesn’t recommend that a dog get pregnant, they will not cover any emergencies. They do not cover bull dogs or Boston terriers when they are pregnant as they are more prone to complications.
Medical devices- upto $350/year for all plans.
Lost/Stolen Pet- they cover upto $300 for advertising to find pet if lost/stolen/strays
Third party liability(dogs only) not covered
Accidental Damage – not covered
Grooming and Bathing – not covered
Pet food, Nutritional supplements, vitamins, natural remedies They will cover only up to $75/year for prescription food.

Answers to Questions you might have! (so you don’t have to ask them)

Lifetime insurer?
Yes. PC insurance will cover all illnesses and accidents as long as it’s not a pre-existing condition throughout the life of your pet, HOWEVER, once you reach the maximum for an incident, that incident is no longer covered for accidents. Illnesses will be covered throughout your pets life.

If you want to better understand Lifetime Pet Insurance, check out this page!

Multiple pet = 10-15% discount off each policy.

Any vet or specific vets only? After hours vets or in home vets?
You can go to any vet, just tell them who is your vet. Emergency after hours of home vets are also allowed.

Can the vet be paid directly?
You pay vet, and then send receipt and they’ll reimburse you.

How quickly are claims processed?
5-10 business days

Do you cover examination fee?

All breeds?

Do I stop getting coverage as my dog ages?
No, they are a lifetime insurer, so if your dog gets old it is still covered.

Does age affect monthly price?
Age doesn’t affect monthly premium.

Do you put the monthly price up every year? By how much?
It increases only with inflation.

Do they serve all of Canada?
Yes, all the provinces and territories.

Is the monthly amount more depending on where I live?
Yes, The monthly premium is based on location as well as breed of pet.

Waiting period?
48hr accident, 21 days for illness.

Do rates increase with more claims/ am I penalized for filing more claims?
No. The only changes in rates are the deductible which changes based on the pets age.

Maximum lifetime claim amount?
No. Claims are per year, so ever year the amount you can claim will renew.

What is the co-pay?
20% after deductible.

To understand co-payment and deducible click here

Extras included?
If you purchase with your PC credit card, then you can get PC points and use the points to buy groceries.

Money back guarantee?
Cancel anytime- no cancellation fee.

What they don’t cover - claims that are directly or indirectly related to:
• Pets under 8 weeks old
• Pre-existing conditions.
• No coverage for accidents that result from: racing, breeding, hunting, law enforcement. Unless pre-approved let them know that you have a dog that is being used for employment purposes. They have special considerations, some things may be covered.

Make sure to read the fine print before purchasing, there are many more exclusions that are not written here.

If you want to contact PC insurance call 1877-pcf pets. (723-7387)

Please let me know if this website has helped you.

I’d love to hear what insurance you decide to hear your successful healthy pet stories! Or, if you really disliked the PC insurance, let me know so we can warn others. Canada Pet Insurance review page.

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