Before you Buy Pet Insurance : What to know before you buy

What you should know before you Buy Pet Insurance

You’ve decided to Buy Pet Insurance.  Now, what should you ask?

Choosing a pet insurance company is a very important task. Know what to ask before you buy pet insurance.  You will be paying this company hundreds of dollars over the lifetime of your pet and you want to know that your pet will be covered when the time comes.

Remember, the cheapest insurance isn’t always the best insurance.  Usually the cheaper plans have MUCH more fine print and many important things aren’t covered.  Sometimes it’s better to pay a bit more, so that you have the ease of mind in knowing that your pet will be covered.




There are several ways to do this.


Ask these ten questions of the pet insurance company you’re considering:


1)    Will my pet be covered for the rest of their life?  If they hit a certain age, will they still be covered?


2)    If my pet gets sick, will the illness be covered year after year?


3)    Is there a maximum amount that I can get back?


4)    When my pet gets old, will I be able to afford the insurance?


5)    What do other pet owners say?


6)    Are Emergency veterinarians covered?


7)    Are there ‘hidden fees’ or exceptional fine print?


8)    Is your breed covered?


9)    Are chronic, congenital or hereditary conditions covered?


10)  Is the payment based on actual vet fees paid or a ‘benefit schedule’ (what the company says it should cost)?



Now that you’ve read these questions, I will let you know which companies I’ve researched that fit these requirements.


Most Recommended in the USA:  


#1) Trupanion,  

Find out how Trupanion  stacks up with the questions above  (or visit the updated Trupanion page).  Or, if you want to go straight to the Trupanion website.


#2)  Embrace,

Find out how Embrace stacks up with the questions above, 

or get a quote for  Embrace Insurance.



Alternative to pet 



An alternative to pet insurance in the USA is Pet Assure.  You pay a smallish monthly fee, for as low as $6.58 per month, and you will get 25% off of EVERY vet bill.  Even your annual shots and spaying and neutering!


If discounted vet fees is your cup of tea, find out how much it will cost for you to have lowered vet prices by visiting the PetAssure Website.



Most recommended in Canada


#1) Trupanion.

Find out how Trupanion stacks up with the questions above.

Get a Quote for Trupanion.


Remember, NO pet insurance company covers pre-existing conditions.


The most important thing to do when purchasing ANY insurance, is to read the fine print, and understand YOUR plan fully.  Most pet insurance companies allow you to cancel your plan within the first couple weeks or month after you buy pet insurance and you can get your money back.




Just as pet insurance companies update their products, I try and keep this site updated with the most important information about pet insurance, so that you can get the best pet insurance for your pet.

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