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Healthy Paws is a relatively new Pet Insurance company that has raised from unknown to the best rated pet insurance companies in the United States in a few years.

(this page updated 2013 or as needed)

Average Rating of Healthy Paws Reviews 9.7 out of 10!

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One thing that I like is that within the first 30 days they’ll notify you what pre-existing conditions your pet has after reviewing your vets examination, so you’re not in for surprises!

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I use the same questions for each company, so you, a fellow pet owner can easily compare each company with important questions.


Basic Table about Healthy Paws Pet Insurance

To get the approximate price, I used a young mixed breed puppy (lowest price),  middle aged Great Dane.  Cats is for a 1 year old domestic shorthair. All location: New York. No discounts are applied.  Range is dependant on 70,80,90% or deductible choice.


Keep in mind that Pure breed older pets have more expensive insurance than younger mixed breed puppies.

Plan Accidents Illness Annual Deducible Max Age to sign on Lifetime cover Approx. Price per pet
Reimburse 70 or 80 or 90% unlimited unlimited $100 or $250 or $500 Sign up between 8 weeks to14 years. (must sign up before 6 for hip dysplasia coverage) Yes Mixed breed puppy $23.08- 34.38 ———- 5yr Great Dane 64.56-108.58 ———- Cat 1 yr 14.99-22.28

Reasonable Rates with Unlimited Coverage!

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Top 10 Questions for Healthy Paws

1)    Will my pet be covered with Healthy Paws for the rest of their life?  If they hit a certain age, will they still be covered?

Yes, They are covered throughout their life.


2)    If my pet gets sick, will the illness be covered year after year?

Yes, they will be covered.


3)    Is there a maximum amount that I can get back?

No, they offer unlimited coverage.


4)    When my pet gets old, will I be able to afford the insurance?  How much will the monthly amount go up by?

With inflation, and advances in vet care, the monthly amount will go up slightly each year, but they say on their site that it only goes up a little bit.  They will not penalize you if you have to make more claims.


5)    What do other pet owners say? Rating?

9.7/10 by other pet owners.  This is the Best Rating in the USA.  Get a quote for your


6)    Are Emergency veterinarians covered?

They do not mention or say that they’re not covered.  So, I would say that they probably are, however the vet fee at any clinic isn’t covered..


7)    Are there ‘hidden fees’ or exceptional fine print?

All plans have fine print. Make sure to read it ALWAYS.  They have a similar fine print without too many crazy fine print.


8)    Is your breed covered?

They do not mention any breeds that aren’t covered.


9)    Are chronic, congenital or hereditary conditions covered?

Yes, these conditions are all covered as long as they were not known before or were pre-existing.


Plus, within the first 30 days they’ll notify you what pre-existing conditions your pet has after reviewing your vets examination, so you’re not in for surprises!


10) Is the payment based on actual vet fees paid or a ‘benefit schedule’ (what the company says it should cost)?

Payments are NOT based on a benefit schedule.  They are based on what you actually pay at the vet.

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More Questions

a)    What Additional benefits are offered beyond illness and accident coverage?

They donate money to helping homeless pets.



b)    Is routine care covered such as annual shots and spaying or neutering?

No, you are responsible for doing spaying, neutering and annual shots.



c)     Are there any discounts?

Yes –  Healthy Weight Management discount, Member of a group or club (such as AAA, AARP, Military, Costco, Alumni) , if you Volunteer with Animal Welfare, if your pet is mircochipped.



d)    If you file more claims, do rates increase?

This is not mentioned in their documents.


e)    What is the co-payment and deductible?

Co-payment is either 90 or 80 or 70%.  Meaning Healthy Paws will pay 90, 80 or 70% depending on which you choose.

The deductible is an annual deductible of : $100 or $250 or $500.


Both the co-payment and the deductible are your choice when you sign up.


f)     What is not covered?

Pre-existing conditions, Routine annual care such as annual shots or spaying or neutering, or the office visit fee (vet exam fee) or elective procedures such as tail docking, Breeding  plus a few more exclusions.



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