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Some interesting facts about our pets in Canada…
• Statistics Canada says that we own about 8 million dogs and cats.
• Approximately half of homes have a pet dog or cat.
• In Canada, we spend approximately $1.2-4.5Billion on our pets on food, accessories and vet costs each year!.


In Canada, we have a total of 8 Canada pet health insurance companies. We don’t have as many to choose from as the States or the UK, so, this makes our choice easier.

Check all the information of the 10 Canadian pet insurance companies
(listed alphabetically):

Cherry Blue Pet Insurance
Ontario SPCA Pet Insurance
PC Insurance (Presidents Choice) 
Pet Care Insurance
Pet Secure
Trupanion pet insurance – Trupanion 2011,  Trupanion 2013
and Vet Insurance – which is powered by Trupanion pet insurance, so has the same plans.

The corporation of
PetHealth – which includes the companies of: 24petwatch (USA),
Shelter care (CAN and USA),
Pet protect (UK),
Cherry Blue Pet Insurance (Canada)
Pet Care Insurance (Canada)
Ontario SPCA Pet Insurance (Canada)
Companion (USA)
USA pet health network (Texas)

As well as several other programs. To find out more about Pet Health, Click here.

I know that there are quite a few of companies to look at…


To make it easy, we’ve also made a Comparison Chart so that you can narrow down what is the best pet insurance Canada is for you, simply and easily.

The Top choice of the Best Canada pet insurance companies have also been collected so that you can check them out too.

If one of these companies exceeds your expectations, please let us know…. …. Or if you had a bad experience with one of these companies, Let us know!

Check out Canadian Pet Insurance Companies:

Cherry blue pet insurance- 3 simple plans- basic, ultimate and in the middle.

PC Insurance- 5 plans all reasonably priced!

Pet care insurance- HUGE assortment of plans to choose from.

Corporation of Pethealth  and all their other insurance companies

Purina pet insurance – 3 simple but comprehensive plans so it’s easy to choose.

Ontario spca pet insurance – 5 plans for Ontario Residents

Trupanion pet insurance- one plan so it’s easy, you just have to pick the perfect deductible for you.

Vet insurance- powered by Trupanion.

Pet Insurance Terminology – all the complicated terminology explained simply and easily

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