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Pet Health Insurance Reviews
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Pet Health Insurance Reviews!

So, you want to know what real customers have to say about different pet insurance companies in Canada, eh?

Well, this page gives you a collection of unbiased reviews of Canadian pet insurance companies, left by people like you. Scroll to the bottom to read what other pet owners have written.

This page is for Reviews for Canadian companies. If you’re not from Canada, check out UK reviews, or USA reviews.

Or, better yet, leave your own review! The more reviews the better! The form below allows you to even add pictures of your pet and all it’s been through and after, once it’s healthy and happy!

Pet Insurance Reviews are vital to give you a true and real perspective.

Your Canada Pet Insurance Reviews!

Your invitation: Help others pet lovers, and tell them your experiences with Pet Insurance in Canada. Real stories hold more weight and are more reliable and honest. So, share your knowledge right here!

Please include:

- Company name and country.

- Plan type.(ex. Premium, basic)

- ***A rating out of 10 (1 being worst) VERY IMPORTANT!

- Include specific information about your pet’s illness or injury. Such as dog or cat, breed, age, problem with pet/ condition, claim amount, claim paid. Etc. The more information the better.

- Were you happy with how your claim was handled (courtesy of company, time…)

- Satisfaction level: very unsatisfied, unsatisfied, neutral, satisfied or unsatisfied.

- Would you recommend this company?

These reviews are meant to be by customers for customers. If you are an insurance company (or financially compensated by one), please contact me directly.

What Other Pet Owners Have Said:

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I used to be a pet insurance advocate. NOT ANYMORE! 
I purchased pet insurance FROM PC PET INSURANCE in Apr of 09. I purchased the Value Plan, which covered “select illness’s” up to $2000.00 over the …

I will never recommend Pet Secure 
I have a two year old cavalier who has SM we found out he had this disease after we got the pet insurance through Pet Secure. We pay 105.00 a month and …

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