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    Totally Satisfied with Trupanion

    Plan Type:  Premium
    Satisfaction Level:  Very Satisfied
    Rating out of 10: 10/10

    Amazing customer service. My girl was diagnosed with steroid Responsive Meningitis. Between diagnosis and treatment the vet bills were well over $10 000. It took the stress off me when I paid a fraction of that. She was able to get the best healthcare thanks to Trupanion. I have dealt with them many times before and after the diagnosis of SRM. Every experience is a positive one. There staff is so friendly and helpful. I HIGHLY recommend them.

    With a review like that… why not check out Trupanion website for your own quote.

    Overall Satisfied with PetSecure

    by Lin
    (Vancouver, BC)

    I had a senior cattle dog who had a couple of issues over her lifetime (benign tumour) and shortly afterwards gastro intestinal problems, & back problems. My chosen vet was both alternative and regular vet qualified, so he did not come cheap. I did feel supported by PetSecure. I calculated that had I not had this pet insurance, I would have paid out about $2,000 more in vet bills. PetSecure was good about answering my questions, and I thought they were accurate in their description of service they offered. They were also good at paying out my claims in a timely fashion.

    The only negetative thing (which they say could happen) is if you make a number of claims (in a certain period of time), the amount they cover you for may be reduced, ie. you become a higher risk. This is a little scary if you are in the midst of caring for your furry family member who is sick. However the amount of reduced coverage still made having the insurance worthwhile.

    When I adopt my next pet, I will seriously consider going again with this company as I thought they were good to deal with. A friend of mine presently has two cats insured with them, she likes the company and feels she is saving some money on vet bills as well.

    I will never recommend Pet Secure

    by Tian Jeffrey
    (BC Canada)

    I have a two year old cavalier who has SM we found out he
    had this disease after we got the pet insurance through
    Pet Secure. We pay 105.00 a month and got their top insurance coverage, we have had a few claims against his
    sm and now instead of getting 80% back we only get 60% back. The other day I put a claim in for over 300.00 this
    included his vaccinations and medication for his sm plus I
    had to pay fulfill the 250.00 deductible by the time it was
    all done I received a cheque for 59.18. I am so frustrated
    we bought this insurance in good faith I had no idea my dog
    would have this disease now I feel like we are being punished. When you apply for the insurance they tell you
    what a great thing you are doing for your pet but for me
    that is just a line they need to sell the insurance in order to reach there quota. Not worth it I still have the
    insurance but I will probably cancel it soon.

    Petsecure – THE WORST!!!!!
    by: Justin Lft 

    After submitting multiple reviews for over $ 2000.00

    I received a check for $ 30.00

    This is a company of liars and thieves, they will invent anything they can NOT to pay claims. They will “lose” your medical files faxed from the vet,

    they will “lose” all your information.

    They will lie about loopholes, that things are not covered – even though it clearly says in the policy that they are>

    A TOTAL SCAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



    I have been using petcare for 23 years. with my first dog i had no problems at all. They covered what was expected and had my money within 2-3 weeks. Now I have sent in 5 claims since March 2016 and have not received a dime! i have called several times and they tell me i have been missing medical records, receipts anything they can think of to jerk me around. they want medical records even if i pick up perscriptions from his last visit. The Vet and her assistance do not understand this and think its ridiculous. this may not sound to bad but PetCare did not let me know they changed their policies and because of this I have lost 200.00 because my time for my claims ran out. And with my other claims that I have had to run back and forth to my vet with to get more paper work that they already have, this horrible company is telling me its going to take at least 2 months till i hear anything! Please do not deal with this rip off company,its to stressfull and now im worried about if my dog gets ill or needs anything costly they wont help. i got insurance so it would ease my mind.PetCare insurance does anything but.

    I used to be a pet insurance advocate. NOT ANYMORE!

    I purchased pet insurance FROM PC PET INSURANCE in Apr of 09.

    I purchased the Value Plan, which covered “select illness’s” up to $2000.00 over the dog’s lifetime and $2000.00 for accidents over the lifetime.

    The difference between the value plan and the accident plan is that it covers “select illness’s” as well as accidents… The choice plan covers “all illness’s” and $2500.00 yearly.
    I chose the value plan because it was all I could really afford and yet they increased my premiums on three seperate occasions.

    I was under the impression that my dog’s tests/visits would be covered but if his illness was not on the list of “select illness’s” then his treatment would NOT be covered.
    **granted this was my impression only.


    Recently, I had to take my dog to the vet because he was sick. The vet preformed numerous tests and numerous re-checks, blood tests an ultrasound and another procedure. It was determined that he has an illness NOT covered by my insurance. His treatment is Chemotherapy medication.

    I did not claim the medication.

    I did claim the vet costs associated with determining the diagnosis. Not once during my dog’s visits did I even once think my bills would not be covered. I trusted ths company with my money and I borrowed the $700 in bills from my retired father who is on a fixed income because the thought that my claims would be denied was not even considered.

    I totally put my trust in this company and I feel sick that they won’t pay a single dollar. I’m still totally confused as to how my visits aren’t covered because of the diagnosis…. It makes no sense to me. Treatment, yes, OK, sure, but the visits??? I’m sick.

    I called to get some resolution and the agent would not even explain the rationale behind the decision. He just kept telling me over and over about the approved illness’s. I asked to speak with someone else. He informed me another agent would review my claim and then return my call. It was not 5 minutes before my phone rang.

    No to resolution. She tried to sell me more insurance.

    Buyer Beware! If I had have banked $30/mos since Apr of 09 I’d have been able to pay for my pets care AND have money left over.

    Now I not only have to eat what I already gave them, I have to still pay for my pets care!

    If you are considering purchasing insurance for your pet, read the fine print. Do not make assumptions. Insurance companies are in it to make money, not to protect your pet.

    Keep that in mind and read the fine print.

    OSPCA Dog Insurance Review – unsatisfied.

    by Sarah
    (Barrie, Ontario)

    Current customer of OSPCA Pet Insurance. My 3.5 year old Lab mix has severe allergies. Coverage is good on the plan I have but processiing a claim takes months. Every single time I have a claim, I have to call to follow up. It always takes 2-3 months for financial reimbursement. They go over every claim form with a fine-tooth comb. This insurance company is a hassle but I do need them for my sick dog so I won’t cancel. Every time I call I wait on hold anywhere from 10-50 minutes. They recently introduced a call-back service so that is a bit more convenient than waiting on hold. Overall I am unimpressed by the efficiency and service, but they do help to cover the medical costs my dog incurrs.

    OSPCA Dog Insurance Review

    by Melissa
    (Barrie, Ontario)

    Current customer of OSPCA Pet Insurance. My 3.5 year old Weimaraner/Lab mix has severe allergies. Coverage is good on the plan I have but processiing a claim takes months. Every single time I have a claim, I have to call to follow up. It always takes 2-3 months for financial reimbursement. They go over every claim form with a fine-tooth comb. This insurance company is a hassle but I do need them for my sick dog so I won’t cancel. Every time I call I wait on hold anywhere from 10-50 minutes. They recently introduced a call-back service so that is a bit more convenient than waiting on hold. Overall I am unimpressed by the efficiency and service, but they do help to cover the medical costs my dog incurrs.

    Policy not clear at sign up form

    I went with the unlimited OSPCA plan to ensure my 3.5 month old puppy, as they offered Wellness plan which covers:
    Wellness Plan: $500 per year for preventative care such as:
    •Annual Physical Exam
    •Heartworm Testing/Prevention
    •Teeth Cleaning (Scale & Polish)
    •Flea & Tick Prevention

    After signing up I read in their “policy terms and conditions” that “For Pets protected with the Wellness Plan, the Pet must have been insured for a minimum of six (6) months and all premiums paid in full before Wellness Plan claim can be processed. The policy must be in force at time of the claim submission.”
    This should’ve been stated at the signup form not hidden in the fine print as now I cannot benefit from what I signed for.

    Ontario SPCA Insurance Complaint

    by Susan
    (Ajax, Ontario)

    I have pet insurance with the Ontario SPCA for the past three years and I am very unhappy with them. If your claim is lucky enough to be paid, it takes two months or more to receive payment. I just received today a “re-issued policy due to a correction” and after being put on hold for 20 minutes and speaking to two different people, no one could explain why they revised my policy. In reading the fine print, they had added more “coverage restrictions”, and basically will not pay for any past conditions that I have had vet visits for. They promptly take their monthly payments of $65.00 from my account, but I have to wait 80 days for reimbursement, if they decided to pay at all! Not acceptable customer service. They misrepresented the so-called coverage of this policy. I am shopping around for a different carrier.

    Not Satisfied with SPCA Pet Insurance

    Plan Type: 24 Petwatch
    Overall satisfaction:  Unsatisfied
    Rating out of 10: 1/10

    Hi, I lost my pet 3 weeks ago because he had a tumor in his brain and had seizures and suffered tremendously. He was my life, my child. I sent my claim Form with all invoices including medical reports. I called them today to see where my claim was at. They had not even recorded anything in my file stating that they were looking at it or processing it. Agent had to send them a request. They finally found my information that was delivered to them on 05/24/2016. I had proof of this as this was registered mail with tracking number. I had to call twice today to find out what is happening with my claim. I had to re-live that day that I lost my pet which was horrible. They even sent me a sympathy card which was completely hypocritical because I am receiving the worst service ever from this claims department. I did got and get the final report from the vet tonight and faxed it over but I do not want to wait another 2-3 weeks for them to review my claim and receive my refund. It cost me $ 1,856.40 for the vet expenses and I still owe this money. I always paid my monthly insurance cost and never been late and have been with them for several years. This is horrible service and I wish that the CEO would get this message. It is horrible enough to loose a pet but to go through hell by the claims department who do not care at all about us or our pets is worse. PC10180360

    OSPCA is good, but claims process takes months… poor service 5/10

    I’ve been with OSPCA for two years, insuring my puppy with Unlimited including preventative option of $500/year. That includes: flea/tick pills, yearly vet exam, shots. etc..

    The claims take months to be reimbursed. My last claim, June 2016 (posted 29 Sep 2016), still pending as I didn’t include a medical form from the vet. The insurance company put my claim on hold, and didn’t notify me. I needed to call and ask about my claim status. They are apparently switching over to on-line accounts, but it is always good to speak to a rep. That is very difficult in my experience.

    I rate the customer service as very poor. I am wondering if the claim process takes months for preventative rebates, what would happen with an emergency service claim?

    I need to look around for better service. Price is reasonable: $67/month all inclusive.


    Don’t waste your money on this garbage

    Plan Type: Premium with SPCA
    Overall satisfaction:  Unsatisfied
    Rating out of 10:    0 /10

    Don’t waste your money on this garbage. It says that pay for everything. More like nothing. They will say it’s all cause of pre existing condition. Even after your vet sends a letter saying it wasn’t a preexisting condition. Then send you no money. This is a complete rip off. Keep your money to spend on your vet. Rather then give these thief’s 100 a month for nothing.