Travel Pet Insurance : Who will cover your buddy?

Travel Pet Insurance

So, you have a pet, and you want to take them with you on vacation. Is your pet covered while you’re away?

Well, to make it easy, I’ll explain:

If you’re Canadian, your company may allow you to travel to the USA.

If you’re American, your company may allow you to travel to Canada. There are two American companies that allow travel globally which are VPI and Pets Best.

If you live in the UK, your company may allow travel to countries in Europe that fall under the PETS travel scheme. Learn more about the PETS travel scheme.


Also, Make sure that you check the length of time that you can be away. For example, many companies will not allow you to go back to the same address while away, as they may think that you are a ‘resident’ there. Or, you may only be allowed a certain number of trips away, such as 3 trips maximum 30 days each. Make sure that your travel matches the coverage.

The Canadian Companies that allow travel abroad (to the USA only) include:
Cherry Blue
Ontario Spca 
PC Insurance (upto 6 months only)
Pet Care Insurance
Pet Secure
Trupanion pet insurance
These Canadian companies, allow travel to the USA only.

The following USA Companies that allow you to take your pet to Canada:
AKC Pet Insurance– short holidays only
ASPCA Pet Insurance
Healthy Paws 
Pet First insurance
Pet Plan 

ALSO, USA companies that offer global coverage include:  VPI pet insurance and Pets Best .


In the UK:

Nearly every UK Pet Insurance Company offers coverage to Europe under the PETS travel scheme. Often, they will cover extra things such as if you lose your pet passport or if your pet needs quarantine.

In the USA and Canada, quarantine or pet passports are generally not covered, however the quarantine rules are more strict within the UK.



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