VPI Pet Insurance:
Worldwide coverage for ANY pet!

VPI Pet Insurance follows a Benefit schedule. This means that they have a list of what every condition should cost, or rather, what they will pay towards that illness or accident.

The Main plan, will reimburse only up to 50% of the benefit schedule, while the Major plan will reimburse up to 100% of the benefit schedule. If you decide to go with VPI, the Major plan would probably be more worth the extra money.

VPI Pet Insurance do NOT cover hereditary conditions or congenital conditions.

VPI Pet Insurance may cover a pre-existing condition if your pet has been cured for at least 6 months.
Check with them.

When I phoned, Maria was friendly enough, but she thought that I knew too much about pet insurance when I was asking questions. Robert extension 6271, was very friendly.

VPI Pet Health Insurance has no lifetime limits on the amount of claims you can get paid for.

Great plan for travellers cause can go to a vet worldwide. The only other company in the USA that does this is: Pets Best.

Also offer exotic pet insurance – check it out here.

About VPI:
Thirty years ago, VPI Pet Insurance was founded by veterinarians. Presently, they have 70 veterinary professionals that work for the company. It is one of the oldest Pet Insurance companies in the USA.
Their website claims that “More pet owners choose VPI than any other provider in the U.S.
Nine out of 10 veterinarians who recommend pet insurance recommend VPI Pet Insurance (ACI Customer Research, September 2006)
VPI Pet Insurance pays more claims annually than all other pet insurance companies combined (AAHA Trends Magazine, November/December 2009).

VPI Pet Insurance do not cover hereditary or congenital conditions. This makes me wary.


They’ve got to be doing something right to still be in business 30 years later!

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On this page you will find 2 tables with information for VPI pet insurance. The first one is a snapshot overview of the coverage and monthly costs. The second table is a more comprehensive table with explains most of the coverage details.

Snapshot Information Chart for VPI Pet Insurance
They do not do a normal Co-payment like other plans. They have a benefit schedule and if you get the main Medical Plan, then 50% of benefit schedule is covered, if you get the Major Medical Plan, then they will cover 100% of the benefit schedule.

Click here to understand Benefit Schedules

PlanAccidents and IllnessDeductible (Annual)Max age limit to sign onLifetime coverPrice per month
Medical Plan$7000/yr*$100,250,500 or 1000 you choose10yearsyes, based on schedule amountDog: 17.64-40.94 Cat: 12.48- 16.98
Major Medical Plan$14 000/yr*$100,250,500 or 1000 you choose10yearsyes, based on schedule amountDog: 22.95-53.25 Cat: 15.80-21.71

*Vet fees- Illness or Accident - for each incident you get half the coverage per incident than for the regular plan than the Major plan. For example, you get 100% of the benefit schedule (minus your chosen deductible) for the Major plan, while you get 50% of the benefit schedule(minus your chosen deductible for the regular plan).

Price: you can add care-guard to both Regular and major plans for $12 or $22/month extra.

What is Care guard?
Care Guard is an add-on that can be added to either plan. It cannot be purchased on it’s own.

Care guard core = $12/month and you get $250/year for routine care.
Careguard premier=$22/month and you get $400/year for routine care.

Detailed coverage Chart for VPI Pet Insurance

Medical PlanMajor Medical Plan
Vet fees Accident and Illness$7000/yr.*$14 000/yr*
Routine CareWith CareguardWith Careguard
Hereditary Conditions-See below
Hip dysplasia--
Death (replacement cost of pet)--
Boarding (if owner hospitalized)--
Holiday (trip cancellation)--
Cover AbroadYES- world wideYES-worldwide
Quarantine costsnono
Behavioural problems--
Prescription medsyesyes
Dental (not teeth cleaning)With Careguard premierWith Careguard premier
Alternative treatmentyesyes
Breeding, Fertility, Pregnancy--
Medical devices (ex. Wheelchair for dog)Case by caseCase by case
Lost/Stolen pet adds--
Third party liability (dogs only)--
Accidental Damage (tenant coverage)--
Grooming and Bathing--
Pet food, Nutritional supplements, vitamins, natural remedies--

*Vet fees- Illness or Accident - for each incident you get half the coverage per incident than for the regular plan than the Major plan. For example, you get 100% of the benefit schedule (minus your chosen deductible) for the Major plan, while you get 50% of the benefit schedule(minus your chosen deductible for the regular plan).
Routine/Preventative care- If you pay the additional $12 or $22 for dogs for the Careguard Core you will get money towards: 2 annual exams, vaccinations, heartworm test, fecal test, de-worming, microchip, flea and/or heart worm preventative, bloodscreen or Xray or EKG. If you get Careguard Premier in addition you will get Urinalysis or ERD, Dental cleaning or Spay/Neuter.
Hereditary conditions- not covered at all for the regular plan. For the Major plan you are not insured for hereditary conditions until you have been insured by them for a year- then they will cover upto $250 annually towards diagnosis or medical treatment and $500 annually for surgical treatment.
Hip Dysplasia- Is not covered, nor is: elbow dysplasia, patellar luxation or subluxation, any fracture, luxation, or subluxation associated with aseptic necrosis of a femoralhead, except some exclusions.
Death- Will NOT cover replacement price of pet if dies from accident.
Euthanasia and Cremation – is covered.
Boarding- Does not even cover medical boarding.
Holiday- not covered.
Cover abroad- you are covered if you travel worldwide!
Quarantine Costs- are not covered- to travel out of the states or to return.
Behavioural problems- are not covered.
Prescription Meds- are covered.
Dental- If you purchase careguard premier then you will get upto $100 for dental annually.
Alternative treatment-( acupuncture, massage…)- is covered.
Breeding, Fertility, Pregnancy- not covered.
Medical devices- may be covered on a case by case basis.
Lost/Stolen Pet (Advertising to find pet if lost/stolen/strays) - not covered.
Third party liability(dogs only) - not covered.
Accidental Damage- not covered.
Grooming and Bathing- not covered.
Pet food, Nutritional supplements, vitamins, natural remedies- not covered.

Some Common Questions:

Lifetime insurer (will they cover on going conditions throughout pets life)?
Yes. Chronic and lifetime conditions are covered with VPI Pet Insurance, but based on the schedule amount.

If you want to better understand Lifetime Pet Insurance, check out this page!

5% for multiple pets.

Any vet or specific vets only? After hours vets or in home vets?
You will get coverage at ANY vet worldwide with VPI Pet Insurance! Yes.

Can the vet be paid directly?

If not, How quickly are claims processed?
2-4 weeks, last year averaged 12 days.

Do they cover examination fee (if it relates to the injury or illness)?

All breeds?

Do I stop getting coverage as my dog ages?
No- as long as policy doesn’t lapse.

Does age affect monthly price (as my dog gets older will the monthly premium go up)?

Do they put the monthly price up every year? By how much?
Yes. This is the only way that they increase the coverage (many other companies go up with inflation, but they only go up with the age of your pet).

Do they serve all of USA? Is the monthly amount more depending on where I live?

Waiting period?
14 day from time you’re approved. Your pet must be approved first before the waiting period starts.

Do rates increase with more claims/penalized for filing more claims?
No. Coverage isn’t reduced, and rates don’t increase if you file more claims.

Maximum lifetime claim amount?
No, only yearly maximums.

What is the co-pay?
None, only deductible, but they only cover an amount that is written in their Benefit schedule and how much they say that a certain condition will cost.

For each incident you get half the coverage per incident than for the regular plan than the Major plan. For example, you get 100% of the benefit schedule (minus your chosen deductible) for the Major plan, while you get 50% of the benefit schedule(minus your chosen deductible for the regular plan).

Extras included?
None to note.

Money back guarantee?
10 day from time policy starts (plus 14 day waiting period) so total =24 days.

What they don’t cover - claims that are directly or indirectly related to:
• Pets under 6 weeks old.
• Pre-existing conditions- some conditions may be covered if your pet has been cured for 6months.
• No coverage for activities that result from: racing, breeding, hunting, law enforcement.
• Treatment not recommended by a vet.

Make sure to read the fine print before purchasing, there are many more exclusions that are not written here.

If you want to phone VPI Pet Insurance, call 1800-874-0651 Mon-Fri 5AM to 7PM, Sat 7AM to 3:30PM Pacific Time.

And, whatever plan you end up getting, please Leave a review!. Thank you.

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