Pet Dental Insurance ( Dental Insurance Pet )

A lot of people want to know whether Pet Dental Insurance is covered with their Pet Insurance plan and this is often not mentioned on their site.

Dental coverage is a tough issue. Prevention is the key=Teethbrushing!



Many companies will not cover Dental problems unless the dental problem is caused by an accident.

If the company does cover dental insurance pet (that isn’t from an accident) then, they are very sticky, for example, your dog must have had it’s mouth checked by the vet within a certain amount of time before there were problems etc. etc.

Another thing that has to do with dental problems is deciduous teeth- the puppy teeth that remain in your dogs gums when they should have fallen out. Some companies will cover this, but only if your dog had pet insurance before a certain age (perhaps before 6 months or a year).

If you want dental insurance pet to cover teeth cleaning and related things such as gingivitis, this may be included in some routine care coverage, but will probably mean you have to get the top and most expensive pet insurance coverage.

All my pages have some information on Pet Dental Insurance for each company. Check out them here for CanadaUSA and UK .But, I do not go into it in great detail. If it says NO, then there is NO coverage at all for Dental, if it says see below or accidents only then check with the company itself for more information.

The solution to a pet insurance plan that doesn’t cover Pet Dental Insurance?

Teeth Cleaning!!!

When our Misse died (at 18 years old at least), we made sure that our next dog would get it’s teeth brushed. Daily. From an early age, so they’d like it.

To start, we got him used to having his mouth touched by just putting our finger in his mouth every so often, sometimes with something that tasted good and just touching his teeth.

Then, we just rubbed his teeth gently for a little bit with our finger, perhaps with something on it- tasty, or with dog toothpaste or with people tooth paste. Many dog toothpastes have ‘meaty’ flavors so they learn to like how it tastes.

Then we migrated to toothbrushes- real ones, old people ones! This is good too because it smells like you, and they love you! Pet toothbrushes are good too, cause they’re longer so you can get the back teeth and they’re angled better for brushing the dogs teeth.  It is also good to start with the finger tooth brushes so the real toothbrush isn’t took intrusive.

You can buy dog teeth brushing kits for less than $15. A healthy mouth, means a healthy dog, and for that price, you can’t go wrong!!!


Patches, LOVES to get his teeth brushed and comes to the bathroom every night to get his teeth brushed. No one told him he isn’t a person!


If the company doesn’t offer Pet Dental Insurance, teethbrushing will help keep their teeth younger.

They will still need teeth work done at the vets, just like people need dental cleaning, but they won’t need this as much and your dog will be much healthier as many medical problems start in the mouth.


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