Exotic Pet Insurance ( Exotic Insurance Pet )

Exotic Insurance Pet : For your non-furry friend!


Exotic Pet Insurance : In Canada, none of the 8 Pet Health Insurance companies offer Exotic Insurance Pet Insurance.

In the United States, there are 2 companies that offer Exotic Insurance Pet Insurance. I will keep updating this page as I come across more companies that offer bird and exotic pet insurance coverage.

One thing to keep in mind is that it’s important to think about a bird’s long-term health because many parrots live a very long life- up to 80 years or more.

Also, many exotic pets like turtles can live up to 80 years or more aswell.

VPI Pet Insurance
Offers bird and Exotic Pet Insurance.

Can also add routine care as an extra.- for 99/yr. it covers routine exam, blood tests, fecal analysis, nail and wing trim. And can reimburse you for up to $181.


The exotic pets that they cover are:
• Amphibians
• Chameleons
• Chinchillas
• Ferrets
• Geckos
• Gerbils
• Goats
• Guinea pigs
• Hamsters
• Hedgehogs
• Iguanas
• Lizards
• Mice
• Opossums
• Potbellied pigs
• Rats
• Rabbits
• Snakes
• Sugar gliders
• Tortoises
• Turtles

Like VPI’s Dog insurance and Cat insurance they do not pay a % of your vet, instead they have a written schedule of the price that they will pay for certain illnesses and accidents.

For the Exotic Insurance Pet and Bird insurance, they will pay up to 90% of their schedule of costs.

For their Exotic Insurance Pet Insurance, they will pay a maximum of $2000/ accident or illness to a maximum of $7000 per term.

The Exotic Pet Insurance isn’t available online- so you must call: 1-888-899-4VPI



Pet Assure

Is a Pet Insurance Alternative that offers discounts on all their Vet coverage for All kinds of pets including Exotic Insurance Pet ‘s(bird, cat, ferret, fish, frog, horse, rabbit, reptile, rodent, tortoise, other).

They even cover pets with pre-existing conditions, hereditary disease, ALL ages, and EVERY medical procedure.

How it works: 
What happens is, you show your pet Assure card and AUTOMATICALLY get 25% off EVERY time you go to the vet.

They have no claims forms, no deductible.


You cannot go to ANY vet, you must check out their site and go to a vet that participates in Pet Assures plan.

You may also be able to get discounts on participating food, products with their merchant partners. Some include: Alpha Pet Products, Animal Behavior & Training Associates, American Medical Industries, OnlinePetDepot.com, Whiskers Holistic Petcare, Affinity Travel Club, Epi-Pet, Purr…fect Fence LLC, Animal World Pet Enclosures and MANY more.

There is also PALS- a 24/7 lost pet recovery service that your pet is enrolled in.

Can you travel? Yes- make sure you find a participating vet in the area you plan to travel to.

Price:Dog = 9.95/month or 99/yr (is 20% cheaper per month if you pay for the year up front).
Family = $13.95/month 149/yr (4 pets of any kind).
Exotic Insurance Pet: Single Cat, rodent, reptile, bird= 5.99/month or $59/yr.

Overall seems like a very decent deal. You pay very little to have automatic price savings.

You have a 30 day money back guarantee. No questions asked.








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