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Halifax Pet Insurance has stopped offering Pet Insurance to new customers in September 2011. They are also no longer renewing existing plans, so all the pets they insured, now have to find a new pet insurance company.

Use this site to check out other UK Pet Insurance companies.

Halifax pet insurance used to offer two lifetime plans that covered either 1000 or 6000 per year for your pet. However, now they do not offer pet insurance anymore.

Halifax Insurance still offers Life, Travel, Car and Home insurance.

When I did research on Pet Insurance with Halifax insurance, the customer service lady I spoke with, was very knowledgeable and friendly, so if you get their Life, Travel, Car or Home insurance, they seem to have good customer service..

Some things to keep in mind when choosing a pet insurance company are:
Are the plans are ‘per condition’ or ‘per year’?
Do they cover hereditary or congenital conditions? (no company covers pre existing conditions)
What extras do they offer and will you use these (travel, boarding etc.)?
Are you penalized for making many claims?

If you want to learn more about pet insurance, check out some common Questions with answers here.

Or, understand different options pet insurance companies offer.

Whatever company you end up going with…

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