Axa insurance offers Axa pet insurance!

Axa Insurance is a 1 plan fits all, Lifetime insurance plan. AXA pet insurance allows you to pick the deductible you want and offers upto £7000 per year coverage..

AXA pet insurance offers one plan with your choice of deductible. The plan renews every year so you have lifetime coverage for your pet.

AXA insurance offers AXA health insurance aswell as home, car, life and medical insurance.

AXA are the underwriters for several other pet insurance companies such as John Lewis, Sainsburys and Post office insurance. Although they are all insured by the AXA insurance, they all offer different plans.

When I visited the AXA insurance website, I found that it doesn’t have a lot of information. Also, I was unable to get a quote for a cat after trying several times on the website. When I phoned the company they were super friendly and helpful to answer all my questions.

You’ll be happy to find most of your questions about AXA pet insurance on this page so you don’t have to phone, you can just scroll down and find the answer. I have done all the hard work for you!

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Snapshot Information Chart for AXA pet insurance

Plan Accidents and Illness Deductible (per condition per year) Max age limit to sign on Lifetime cover Price per month
One plan £7000/ year £75, 100, 125 (you choose, hardly a price difference) No yes Dog: £17.28- 48.52 Cat: ??

?? AXA insurance website didn’t allow me to acquire a Cat quote. I tried on several occasions without luck.

Detailed coverage Chart for AXA insurance

One plan
Vet fees Accident and illness £7000
Routine Care
Hereditary Conditions Yes
Hip dysplasia yes
Death or loss(replacement cost of pet) £1000 for death £750 for loss
Cremation £100
Euthanasia See below
Boarding (if owner hospitalized) £750 (£100per week)
Holiday (trip cancellation) £3000(£50 excess)
Cover Abroad £1000/ condition (see below)
Quarantine costs £2000/trip
Behavioural problems £250
Prescription meds yes
Dental (not teeth cleaning) Only if related to injury or illness
Alternative treatment See below
Breeding, Fertility, Pregnancy
Medical devices (ex. Wheelchair for dog) unlikely
Lost/Stolen pet adds and reward £1000 (inc 250 reward)
Third party liability (dogs only) £2 million (250 excess)
Accidental Damage (tenant coverage) £500
Grooming and Bathing
Pet food, Nutritional supplements, vitamins, natural remedies £200/ condition, 4 week maximum

Vet fees- Illness or Accident
Routine/Preventative care- vaccinations, annual exam, spay/neuter, heartworm testing and meds, teeth cleaning, tick and flea meds. These are not covered.
Hereditary conditions- are covered as long as they don’t happen within the first 14 days of coverage.
Hip Dysplasia- is covered.
Death- Will cover replacement price of pet if dies from accident, illness or disease. Not covered for illness or disease if the pet is over 8 years old.
Euthanasia and Cremation Cremation is covered upto £100, while Euthanasia may be covered , however it depends on the circumstances.
Boarding- If owner hospitalized, you can get £100 per week upto £750 in total boarding costs.
Holiday- if you have to cancel your holiday during or 7 days prior to leaving because your pet is sick.
Cover abroad-as long as you follow the pets travel scheme. 3 trips per year maximum, 60 days maximum trip duration. £2000 towards quarantine/ trip, £250 towards replacing pet health certificate, repeat worm and tick treatment, £500/ trip of emergency expenses abroad
Quarantine Costs- upto £2000 per trip is covered with AXA insurance.
Behavioural problems- upto £250 in coverage for Behavioural problems
Prescription Meds- yes prescription medications are covered with AXA pet insurance.
Dental-is only covered if related to injury or illness.
Alternative treatment- ( acupuncture, massage…) there is limited alternative treatment available. It depends on the condition and the treatment. For example, if alternative treatment is only maintaining the problem, then it wont cover it, but if the alternative treatment will fix the problem then it will probably be covered. You may get upto 10 sessions if it will improve instead of maintain the problem.
Breeding, Fertility, Pregnancy– is not covered with AXA pet insurance.
Medical devices– it is unlikely that they will cover medical devices.
Lost/Stolen Pet  (Advertising to find pet if lost/stolen/strays)
Third party liability(dogs only) – £2million is covered.
Accidental Damage– £500 towards damage to personal property that is not owned by you. It does not cover damage when your pet is left unattended.
Grooming and Bathing– is not covered.
Pet food, Nutritional supplements, vitamins, natural remedies– as long as they’re recommended by your vet and can only be purchased at your vets.



Insurance Helplines coverage with AXA pet insurance.
If you need a help line, you can call AXA insurance and they will be able to help you.


Some Common Questions: 

Are Hereditary or Congenital disorders covered with AXA pet insurance?  
Yes, as long as they’re not pre-existing conditions or happen within the first 14 days of coverage.

Lifetime insurer (will they cover on going conditions throughout pets life) ? 
Yes, they have only the annual maximum that renews every year, so if you reach the maximum in one year, the following year it’ll renew and you’ll have 7000 again the following year.

5% second pet.

Any vet or specific vets only? After hours vets or in home vets? 
Home vets and emergency visits are only allowed if moving the pet would danger it’s health.You can go to your vet of choice.

Can the vet be paid directly?  
Yes, if your vet agrees.

If not, How quickly are claims processed? 
Depends on claim- it can take anywhere from 5 days to 3 or 4 weeks. Generally it takes 2 weeks.

Does AXA insurance cover examination fee (if it relates to the injury or illness) ? 
It is kind of complicated, it depends on the price, if there is no outcome, then you wouldn’t claim, but if the claim is above 75 then you could claim for it. They’ll only cover it if the pet is actually sick. The whole cost from examination and treatment is covered for the incident.

All breeds? 
NO: Exclusions include Sharpei, Pit Bull, American Pit Bull Terrier, Dogo Argentino, Japanese Tosa, FilaBraziliero, or a dog crossed with these breeds, wolves or wolf hybrid and any animal registered under theDangerous Dogs Act 1991 and The Dangerous Dogs (Northern Ireland) order 1991 or any subsequent amendments.

Dangerous Dog Act? 
Dogs under this are not covered.

Do I stop getting coverage as my dog ages? 
No, you’ll still get coverage, however after your pet turns 9 years old you wont get the death benefit when your pet dies.

Does age affect monthly price (as my dog gets older will the monthly premium go up) ?  
Yes, especially after your pet turns 10 years old. Some year the price may not even change. The age of the pet is taken into account and when it is more likely to have medical problems.

Does AXA pet insurance put the monthly price up every year? By how much? 
The monthly price can change depending on a bunch of thigns such as breed, age of pet, risk factors of the age of the pet (a breed is more prone to a certain ailment at a certain age).

Does AXA insurance serve all of the UK? Is the monthly amount more depending on where I live? 
They serve all of the UK. The monthly price does depend on where you live.

Waiting period? 
You must wait 14 days before your insurance will take effect with AXA pet insurance.

Do rates increase with more claims/penalized for filing more claims? 
The renewal price may go up depending on a lot of factors and the number of claims that are filed is one of the factors that is taken into account at renewal time.

Maximum lifetime claim amount with AXA pet insurance? 
No, only the annual amount will re-new every year.

What is the co-pay? 
There is no co-payment/ co-insurance with AXA insurance.

Extras included? 
150 for accommodation or transportation if you have to go to another vet that your vet recommends.

Money back guarantee? 
14 days once receiving the documents, you can change your mind and cancel and get your money back as long as you haven’t made a claim.


What AXA pet insurance doesn’t cover – claims that are directly or indirectly related to:
• Pets under 8 weeks old.
• Pre-existing conditions are not covered by AXA insurance.
• Treatment not recommended by a vet.
• Illnesses or Accidents that happen outside of UK, Northern Ireland, Isle of Man, channel islands, Eire, or the EU countries of the PETS travel scheme defined by DEFRA listed.
• Will not insure dogs that are a breed under the “Dangerous Dogs act 1991 or Dangerous dogs act 1991(Northern Ireland)”
o These dogs include: Pit Bull Terrier, Japanese Tosa, Dogo Argentino, Fila Brasileiro and pets described similar in type and characteristic. They may not even be of this breed, but if they’re described to be the same. o This is described as a type and characteristic, NOT breed, meaning any dogs that have characteristics as the above breeds.

Make sure to read the fine print before purchasing, there are many more exclusions that are not written here.

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