Marks and Spencer Pet Insurance with Marks and Spencer Insurance

Marks and spencer insurance offers coverage for car, travel and home aswel as Marks and Spencer pet insurance.


They claim that their pet insurance coverage has been given a 5 star rating by Defaqto (an independent research company). Their site also says that they were awarded the 2011 Moneyfacts Best pet insurance provider award. This was based on their cover and customer service.


Marks and Spencer insurance offers a call back service, which is nice so that you don’t have to wait to speak to a person.

Like many UK pet insurance companies, they also offer phone lines to help you find nearby pet friendly services such as:
a vet if you’re away from home,
an emergency vet,
a dog walker,
pet trainers,
animal behaviour trainers, and
even hotels that are friendly to pets!

PLUS, Marks and Spencer Insurance offers is a free vet phone, so that you can call their 24hr phone line to see if they think that the pet medically MUST visit a vet or wait till the following day.

One thing that Marks and Spencer pet insurance does not cover is bulldogs, or traveling outside of the UK.

UK Pet Insurance reviews can be found and left on this site too!


Snapshot Information Chart for Marks and Spencer Pet Insurance

Plan Accidents and Illness Excess (per condition) Max age limit to sign on Lifetime cover Price per month
Standard £4000/ year (1000/ condition) Cats: £75, Dogs: £90 no Upto condition limit Dog: £15.51-71.45 Cat: 8.52
Premier £7000/ year Cats: £50, Dogs: £70 no yes Dog: £25.02-117.43 Cat: £13.52


Detailed coverage Chart for Marks and Spencer Insurance

Standard Premier
Vet fees Accident and Illnesses £4000/ year (£1000/ condition) £7000/ year
Routine Care
Hereditary Conditions Yes Yes
Hip dysplasia yes Yes
Death or loss (replacement cost of pet) £600 £1500
Cremation and Euthenasia £100
Boarding (if owner hospitalized) £750 £600
Holiday (trip cancellation) £3000
Cover Abroad £2000 emergency vet treatment and £500 for other costs.
Quarantine costs £2000
Behavioural problems £250
Prescription meds £200
Dental (not teeth cleaning) Your pet must have regular dental check ups for this sort of coverage Your pet must have regular dental check ups for this sort of coverage
Alternative treatment £1000
Breeding, Fertility, Pregnancy
Medical devices (ex. Wheelchair for dog) Probably, depends on device Probably, depend on device
Lost/Stolen pet adds (reward) £600 (600 for reward) £1250 (750 for reward)
Third party liability £2million £1million
(dogs only)
Accidental Damage (tenant coverage)
Grooming and Bathing
Pet food, Nutritional supplements, vitamins, natural remedies £200

Vet fees- Illness or Accident coverage.
Routine/Preventative care- vaccinations, annual exam, spay/neuter, heartworm testing and meds, teeth cleaning, tick and flea meds. These are not covered with Marks and Spencer Pet Insurance
Hereditary conditions- These are covered with Sparks and Spencer Pet Insurance.
Hip Dysplasia- This is covered with Marks and Spencer Insurance .
Death or loss- Marks and Spencer insurance will cover replacement price of pet if dies from accident or illness, goes missing, or stolen until they are 9 years old.
Euthanasia and Cremation is covered upto £100 for the Premier plan only with Marks and Spencer Pet Insurance
Boarding- If you go to hospital for an emergency, they’ll cover upto £70/ week upto £750 for premium, or £60/week or maximum £600 with the Standard policy.
Holiday- with the premier plan, you can get money if you have to cancel a holiday due to a pets illness.
Cover abroad- Coverage for travel abroad is only available with the Premium Marks and Spencer pet insurance, which also includes £250 for loss of pet passpwort and 500 for repeat tick and worm treatment.
You cannot live in another country outside of the UK.
Quarantine Costs- this is included in the Premier plan only.
Behavioural problems-These are covered upto £250 for the premier marks and spencer insurance plan only.
Prescription Meds-With the premier plan, you will get £200 coverage for prescription meds.
Dental-You must have regular dental treatment and dental may have coverage. This is a sticky topic with a lot of companies.
Alternative treatment- ( acupuncture, massage…) This is covered under the premier plan only with Marks and Spencer Pet Insurance.
Breeding, Fertility, Pregnancy– These are not covered.
Medical devices– These may be covered, however the person on the phone couldn’t say for sure, but thought that they’d probably be covered.
Lost/Stolen Pet  (Advertising to find pet if lost/stolen/strays). These are covered to help you find your pet.
Third party liability(dogs only) – This coverage is available with Marks and Spencer insurance for pets.
Accidental Damage– is not covered with Marks and Spencer pet insurance .
Grooming and Bathing– is not covered.
Pet food, Nutritional supplements, vitamins, natural remedies-some of this is covered, but only for the premier plan.



Insurance Helplines coverage chart for Marks and Spencer Insurance 

Standard Premier
Bereavement counseling yes yes
Vet finder, pet minder and local contact yes yes
Pet legal yes yes
Freephone yes yes

Bereavement counseling-help you deal with death/illness of pet
Vet Finder, pet minder and local contact -help you find local vet if away, emergency vet, dog walkers, microchippers, pet trainers, animal behaviorists, pet cemeteries and pet friendly hotels.
Pet legal- to help you with pet legal matters.
Pet minder-help you find a local pet sitter.
Freephone- manned by veterinary nurses 24/7.



Some Common Questions with answers about Marks and Spencer Pet Insurance: 

Are Hereditary and Congenital disorders covered?
Yes, these are both covered with Marks and spencer pet insurance.

Lifetime insurer (will Marks and Spencer Insurance cover on going conditions throughout pets life) ? 
Yes, they will cover conditions throughout the pets life. The premier plan is an actual lifetime, however the standard plan will only cover upto the condition amount for the lifetime.

15% if purchase online.

Any vet or specific vets only? After hours vets or in home vets? 
Yes, you may go to any vet you chose.
If after hours, call the after hour vet phone, to see if it is an emergency.

Can the vet be paid directly?  
Yes, but you must arrange this between you and your vet.

If not, How quickly are claims processed with Marks and Spencer Insurance? 
Claims usually take 7 days if all the paperwork is sent in together.

Does Marks and Spencer Insurance cover examination fee (if it relates to the injury or illness) ? 
Yes, if you go to the vet for treatment, the treatment and the examination fee will be covered!

All breeds? 
No. They don’t cover dogs under the dangerous dog act as well as American bulldogs, wolf hybrids.

Dangerous Dog Act? 
• They will not cover any of the breeds (or crosses of) :
American Bull Dogs• American Pit Bull Terriers
• American Staffordshire Bull Terriers
• Argentine Dogos
• Canary Dogs
• Cane Corsos
• Czechoslovakian Wolfdogs
• Dogo Argentinos
• Dogue Brasileros
• Fila BraSilieros
• Irish Staffordshire Bull Terriers
• Japanese Tosas
• Northern Inuit Dogs
• Perro De Pressa Canarios
• Pit Bull Terriers
• Presa Canarios
• Racing greyhounds
• Saarlooswolfhonden
• Tosa Inus
• Utonagans
Wolf Hybrids

Do I stop getting coverage as my dog ages? 
No. You will continue to get coverage as long as you pay the annual fee.

Does age affect monthly price (as my dog gets older will the monthly premium go up) ?  
Yes, as your dog ages, the monthly price will increase.

Does Marks and Spencer Insurance put the monthly price up every year? By how much? 
Yes, the montly price increases with the age of the pet.

Does Marks and Spencer Pet Insurance serve all of the UK? Is the monthly amount more depending on where I live? 
Yes, Marks and Spencer pet insurance serves all of the UK.Yes, the monthly amount depends on where you live, this is taken into account when you enter your postal code for the quote.

Waiting period? 
Marks and spencer have no coverage for the first 14 days after purchase.

Do rates increase with more claims/penalized for filing more claims? 
If you make a lot of claims with Marks and Spencer pet insurance in the first year, then you’re classified as a higher risk and your rates will increase the following year.

Maximum lifetime claim amount? 
There are only annual and per condition maximums.

What is the co-payment for Marks and Spencer Insurance? 
The co-payment is:
Cats under 9= 0%, cats 9 and over, 20%
Dogs under 9= 0%, dogs 9 and over 20%

Extras included? 
With the Premium coverage, you also get coverage for damage to kennel and bedding (£100) and failure of spaying of £250. Although I’m not sure what the £250 will do to help you if you’re pet has babies!
M&S Cardholders get 250 M&S points for new policies (with conditions)

Money back guarantee? 
I do not know if you can cancel within the first period of time and get the money back if no claims are made.



What Marks and Spencer Pet Insurance doesn’t cover – claims that are directly or indirectly related to:
• Pets under 8 weeks old.
• Pre-existing conditions.
• Marks and Spence Insurance will not cover any dogs used for racing, security, guard dogs. Or for trade or business, or if your dog has been trained to attack or has been used for Security purposes in the past.
• If the dog has been the cause of accident or legal action.
• Treatment not recommended by a vet.
• Illnesses or Accidents that happen outside of UK, Northern Ireland, Isle of Man, channel islands, Eire, or the EU countries of the PETS travel scheme defined by DEFRA.
• Will not insure dogs that are a breed under the “Dangerous Dogs act 1991 or Dangerous dogs act 1991(Northern Ireland)”
o These dogs include: Pit Bull Terrier, Japanese Tosa, Dogo Argentino, Fila Brasileiro and pets described similar in type and characteristic. They may not even be of this breed, but if they’re described to be the same.
o This is described as a type and characteristic, NOT breed, meaning any dogs that have characteristics as the above breeds.

Make sure to read the fine print before purchasing, there are many more exclusions that are not written here.



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