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Overall Satisfied with PetSecure

by Lin
(Vancouver, BC)

I had a senior cattle dog who had a couple of issues over her lifetime (benign tumour) and shortly afterwards gastro intestinal problems, & back problems. My chosen vet was both alternative and regular vet qualified, so he did not come cheap. I did feel supported by PetSecure. I calculated that had I not had this pet insurance, I would have paid out about $2,000 more in vet bills. PetSecure was good about answering my questions, and I thought they were accurate in their description of service they offered. They were also good at paying out my claims in a timely fashion.

The only negetative thing (which they say could happen) is if you make a number of claims (in a certain period of time), the amount they cover you for may be reduced, ie. you become a higher risk. This is a little scary if you are in the midst of caring for your furry family member who is sick. However the amount of reduced coverage still made having the insurance worthwhile.

When I adopt my next pet, I will seriously consider going again with this company as I thought they were good to deal with. A friend of mine presently has two cats insured with them, she likes the company and feels she is saving some money on vet bills as well.

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Dec 31, 2015

by: Robin

Thank-you Lin for submitting your comment. Glad you were overall happy with their service.

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