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Embrace = Unsatisfied: Many Loop Holes and Denied Coverage


I use to have the AKC and it was horrible, then I changed to Embrace. I thought they were to good to be true. Yup another illusion of a provider and I am heart broke over it.

Things have changed and I am not so happy and no longer would ever recommend Embrace (who would have thought but it is true – they showed who they really are).

The customer service is friendly but the reason we have pet insurance is for that security for our beloved pets not for a friendly voice.

Embrace is no longer a stellar provider based on my experiences. I appealed a claim and the Chief Underwriter on behalf of RLI Corporation (Embrace) did not even have the right procedures referenced for the proper sides in her written “DENIAL”.

I really expected to have a review of appeal based upon accuracy not omissions and incorrect references. Clearly if the Chief Underwriter is not capable of that, no wonder things are as they appear. You would at least think they would communicate accurate information when they tell you they are denying your appeal. That speaks volumes.

So heartbreaking to see what has become of Embrace, a provider I would recommend to everyone, well no longer — they also have loop holes.

Self fund your own policy, whatever you would pay in a premium put it in an account of its very own and utilize that and spare yourself the aggrevation that these Pet Insurance Companies state they will cover and then weasel out of. Paying them and the added care you pet needs for an Illusion of coverage and having inaccurate assessments. Really?!

I once recommended Embrace highly – never again — so when you see that Embrace is Amazing — roll it forward 1 year — the story is entirely different.

The insurance providers are out to cover themselves first and if you are LUCKY maybe your pet, but it is a roll of a dice.

Country: United States
Pet Insurance Company: Embrace
Plan Type
(ex. Basic, Premium): Premium
Rating out of 10
(10 being best): 1
Overall Satisfaction: Unsatisfied

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