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AKC: Worst insurance!

by Doyle

This is the worst insurance, very expensive, very unorganized provider. My experience has been one disappointment after another. They have very many "fine print" exclusions. They represented one thing, clearly delivered another (denied claims). After actually having to utilize this insurance with claims lost by the AKC, rude customer service, denied claims for coverage I thought I had, I cancelled with them and now I have credible coverage with a provider who does not have the "Gimmicks" the AKC does. Good thing I did this since my puppy has dysplasia, the AKC would have never paid for it. My new provider thankfully does and let me tell you I am well over $5,000 in expense. So WATCH OUT for the $5,000 maximum with this provider. Now my pups are in good hands with insurance since the AKC is no longer provides insurance with them. READ, READ and READ again the fine print. Don't fall for the name as I had, because you know what -- the joke was on me. (rating: 1/10)

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Nov 11, 2015
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Oct 19, 2015
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