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AKC: Horrible- Denied claims, rude and low coverage.

by DJ

The Akc Pet Insurance - this insurance, it was horrible. I thankfully found a good insurance provider who actually pays claims promptly and delivers exactly what they say. This is a concept the AKC has failed to learn. They only denied my claims, had very rude customer service, took forever to even process the claims. The caps on the insurance is not adequate should you have a sick pup. Isn't that why we have the insurance? Well it is one of the AKC loop holes in getting out of claim payment. Then the premium increases are ridiculous. Check out other providers since my experience with AKC is horrible. I do not have an excellent provider who pays prompt and has outstanding customer service. My point, don't be fooled with the AKC name. You can have good insurance -- my experience is -- just not with the AKC. Plan: Wellness plan. Rating: 1/10. Overall: Unsatisfied

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